Tag: Linen

Striped Short-Sleeve Shirt in Thunderball

One of Sean Connery's best and most popular warm-weather casual outfits is the one he wears on his visit to Palmyra. The camp...

Navy Linen Suit in Casino Royale

In Casino Royale's black & white opening sequence, one of James Bond's outfits is a navy blue linen suit made by a bespok...
The Tailor of Panama Tan Linen Suit

The Tailor of Panama: Brosnan in a Tan Suit as Another MI6 Agent

In 2001's The Tailor of Panama, Pierce Brosnan plays Andy Osnard, another MI6 agent, with a far more relaxed fashion sens...
Moonraker Cream Suit

Arrival in Rio in a Cream Suit in Moonraker

In Moonraker, Bond wears a cream suit appropriate for his arrival in sunny Rio de Janeiro. The composition of the cloth is lik...
Connery Linen Shirt

Beige Linen Camp Shirt and Brown Trousers in You Only Live Twice

In You Only Live Twice, Sean Connery wears an outfit of a linen sports shirt and linen trousers to be comfortable in Japan's ...

Light Grey Linen Suit with Peaked Lapels in the Bahamas in Casino Royale

Grey isn't a very popular colour for linen, which is often found in its natural ecru colour. When not natural, other earth to...

Layer Cake: Cream Suit

Some call Layer Cake Daniel Craig's screen test for Bond. He looks the part in the final scene of the movie, wearing a cream ...

A Blue Floral Shirt for Cuba in Die Another Day

Floral patterns typically aren't Bond's style, but this light blue on blue floral embroidered "Hawaiian" shirt in an open-weave ...