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Ranking the (00)7 Best-Dressed Bond Villains

James Bond villains are known for their flash, but some of them wear their creative styles in a tasteful way. Only a handful of B...

Kamal Khan’s Olive Safari Suit

Roger Moore's James Bond is not the only character in the Bond series who wears a safari suit. Kamal Khan, played by Louis Jou...

Kamal Khan’s Beige Herringbone Suit

Louis Jourdan sadly died Saturday 14 February at the age of 93. Jourdan brilliantly played Octoussy's lead villain Kamal Khan...

Kamal Khan’s Navy Suit in Octopussy

Kamal Khan (Louis Jourdan) is introduced in Octopussy at Sotheby's wearing an elegant navy suit. The suit is made by the same ta...

Kamal Khan: Grey Tweed Jacket

When Kamal Khan, played by Louis Jourdan, dresses in western clothing in Octopussy, the outfits are similar to outfits Bond we...
Kamal Khan Dinner Suit

Kamal Khan: Dinner Suit

Octopussy's Kamal Khan, played by French actor Louis Jourdan, is one of the best-dressed villains of the James Bond series. Wh...