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Making Excuses for Licence to Kill’s Wardrobe

People often try to explain to me why the wardrobe in Licence to Kill is different from and not up to the usual standards of Jame...

Bond Wardrobe Review 16: Licence to Kill (1989)

American Jodie Tillen was hired as the costume designer, and her American sensibilities took the costumes in a new direction. Bond's wardrobe in the previous four films never delved deeply into the fashions of the 1980s, but in Licence to Kill James Bond dressed as much for the 1980s as Roger Moore had dressed for the 1970s.

All-Khaki Sportswear in Licence to Kill

In a brief scene at the Banco De Isthmus in Licence to Kill, Timothy Dalton's James Bond wears an all-khaki casual outfit. Co...

Basted for Bond: Examining Timothy Dalton’s Licence to Kill Suits

A new “Basted for Bond” infographic breaks down the baggy, oversized suits designed by Jodie Tillen and made at the tailor shop a...

The Last 1980s Suit: Navy Pinhead Suit in Licence to Kill

For the climax of Licence to Kill, Timothy Dalton dresses in a dark blue pinhead suit very contemporary to 1989. The jacket h...

1980s-Style Morning Dress in Licence to Kill

For Felix Leiter's wedding in Licence to Kill, the wedding party wears morning dress in a manner that was popular for America...

Black Pyjamas in Licence to Kill

In Licence to Kill, Bond wakes up in Sanchez's compound wearing luxurious black pyjamas. They could be Sanchez's own pyjamas lent...

A Navy Shirt and Blue Trousers in Licence to Kill

In Licence to Kill, James Bond wears a blue-on-blue shirt and trousers combination that recalls the look Ian Fleming specified f...