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James Bond’s White Collar and Cuff Shirts

In the United States, the contrasting white collar and cuffs style has been all but tarnished by the 1987 film Wall Street, b...
Legacy for the Saint Suit Cocktail Cuffs

The Saint: Funeral Suit and Coat

Roger Moore's Simon Templar is well-dressed to a funeral in the Series 6 episode of The Saint, "Legacy for the Saint." To kee...
Never Say Never Again - Dinner Suit

Never Say Never Again: Black Notched-Lapel Dinner Suit

Sean Connery wears a well-cut black, notch-lapel, button one dinner jacket in Never Say Never Again. For such a grand occasio...

Ruffles: This Never Happened to the Other Fella

George Lazenby is the only Bond to have the distinction of wearing a ruffled-front dress shirt. And he wears not one but two in ...
Moonraker Cream Suit

Arrival in Rio in a Cream Suit in Moonraker

In Moonraker, Bond wears a cream suit appropriate for his arrival in sunny Rio de Janeiro. The composition of the cloth is lik...

Double-Breasted Off-White Dinner Jacket in The Man with the Golden Gun

Roger Moore wears his first of three off-white dinner jackets in The Man with the Golden Gun. This dinner jacket is very close to...

Casual in Cream in The Man with the Golden Gun

In The Man with the Golden Gun, Bond infiltrates Hai-Fat's estate posing as Scaramanga, wearing an outfit of all cream. Scaraman...

Frank Foster: Measuring and Fitting

During my stay in London I went to see Frank Foster—who has made shirts for Roger Moore and George Lazenby in addition to cou...