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From Tailors with Love: Episode 3 – Dr. No, Part 2

In the third episode of From Tailors with Love, Peter and I talk more about the clothes of Dr. No, my recent trip to London and th...

Two White Shirts from Frank Foster

Frank Foster shirts are like classical architecture, with all of the elements perfectly balanced and every part in harmony. In pla...

Sheer Elegance: The Cotton Voile Shirt

It takes both a bold and elegant man to wear a shirt made of voile. That man sounds like James Bond. Alan Flusser defines ...

A Guide to Shirt Design

Shirt design is much more than just a collar, two cuffs and a good fit. While knowing how a shirt should fit is most important...

A Wardrobe of Frank Foster Shirts

You may already know that I'm a customer of the legendary shirtmaker Frank Foster, who made shirts for many of the James Bond ...

A Teaser of Things to Come

These two photos are, if you'll forgive the analogy, only the tip of the tentacle. Stay tuned for more.

The Fly Front Shirt for Black Tie and Beyond

A fly is a covering that conceals the mechanism that allows a garment to open, such as buttons or a zip. Look down and you'll ...

Frank Foster (1923-2016)

Legendary shirt maker to the stars Frank Foster, born Lionel Frank in East London in 1923, has passed away at the age of 93. Fra...