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For Your Eyes Only Charcoal Suit

Douglas Hayward and the 1980s: A Charcoal Three-Piece Suit in For Your Eyes Only

Roger Moore brought James Bond into the 1980s with a new hairstyle and a new tailor. Starting in For Your Eyes Only, Douglas ...

Double-Breasted Chalk Stripe Suit in The Man With the Golden Gun

James Bond's first suit in The Man With the Golden Gun is a double-breasted medium grey (with a hint of blue) flannel chalk st...

The Navy Flannel Chalk Stripe Suit in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

In On Her Majesty's Secret Service it was established to be Christmas time, during which London is a somewhat cold place. And it...

The Grey Flannel Three-Piece Suit in Thunderball

The flannel suit is something not often found off the rack in stores today. Most people are looking for lightweight suits and...