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The Avengers: Steed’s Signature Suit

With the first day of September here, it's time in the Northern Hemisphere to look toward autumn clothes. John Steed of The Aven...

Could it be herringbone flannel?

The exact cloth of Sean Connery's blue suit in Goldfinger and Woman of Straw is a difficult one to make out. It's a heavy cloth ...

Woman of Straw: The Charcoal Flannel Suit and Navy Overcoat

It's time again to look at one of Sean Connery's Goldfinger suits in its original setting in Woman of Straw. Both Woman of Str...

M: The Double-Breasted Grey Flannel Suit

Ralph Fiennes isn't the first M to wear a double-breasted suit. Fifty years earlier in Dr. No, Bernard Lee wore his one and on...

Gareth Mallory: The Double-Breasted Navy Chalk Stripe Suit in Skyfall

Gareth Mallory, played by Ralph Fiennes, wears a double-breasted suit after becoming the new M in Skyfall. The double-breasted...

Sean Connery’s Grey Flannel Trousers for His Blazers

On the 51st anniversary of the release of Dr. No we look at Sean Connery's favourite complement to his navy blazers: dark gre...
Timothy Dalton Grey Flannel Suit

Bratislava Grey Flannel Suit and Navy Coat in The Living Daylights

In the Bratislava winter in The Living Daylights, Timothy Dalton recalls classic James Bond suits with his medium grey flannel s...
Goldfinger Charcoal Flannel

On a Plane to Meet the President in a Charcoal Flannel Three-Piece Suit in Goldfinger

The final scene of Goldfinger features Sean Connery in his second three-piece suit of the series, a charcoal grey woolen flannel...