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Grey Flannel Trousers

On the 51st anniversary of the release of Dr. No we look at Sean Connery's favourite complement to his navy blazers: dark grey...
Timothy Dalton Grey Flannel Suit

Bratislava Grey Flannel Suit and Navy Coat in The Living Daylights

In the Bratislava winter in The Living Daylights, Timothy Dalton recalls classic James Bond suits with his medium grey flannel s...
Goldfinger Charcoal Flannel

On a Plane to Meet the President in a Charcoal Flannel Three-Piece Suit in Goldfinger

The final scene of Goldfinger features Sean Connery in his second three-piece suit of the series, a charcoal grey woolen flannel...
From Russia With Love Flannel Suit

Casual Dinner in a Charcoal Flannel Suit in From Russia with Love

In From Russia With Love, Bond wears a charcoal flannel suit to dinner at the gypsy camp. This is a typical Anthony Sinclair s...

A Charcoal Flannel Suit Again in A View to a Kill

The charcoal flannel suit has made many appearances throughout the James Bond series, sometimes as a two-piece suit and other ...

M: The Brown Flannel Suit in From Russia with Love

Bernard Lee's M is known for his likeness to Winston Churchill, partially attributed to his penchance for bow ties. M didn't w...

Connery’s Dark Grey Flannel Suit in Diamonds Are Forever

In Diamonds Are Forever Bond wears a winter staple, the dark grey woollen flannel suit. Woolen flannel is very warm and typica...

Connery’s Flannel Chalk Stripe Suit in From Russia with Love

Not all of Anthony Sinclair's suits for Sean Connery are lightweight, which is one thing his suits are known for. Connery wears a ...