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The Blue Herringbone Flannel Suit in Goldfinger

Iconic scenes make for iconic clothes, and thus one suit from Sean Connery’s Bond films remains tremendously popular despite its limited screen time. When Bond visits Q-Branch in Goldfinger—the first time he visits the lab on screen—to learn that his Bentley has been replaced with an election-seat-fitted Aston Martin DB5,

James Bond: The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit

Just as the book Bond has the dark blue tropical worsted suit, the film Bond has the grey flannel suit. The grey flannel suit...

Learning from Bond: A Checked Jacket and Flannel Trousers

I almost always think about James Bond when I purchase clothes and when I put them on, but I like to put my own spin on how I...

Max Zorin’s Grey Power Suits in A View to a Kill

The complete power suit outfit could not have been a better choice for a 1980s James Bond villain. It is the perfect look for a m...

(00)7 of James Bond’s Suits for Daytime Social Occasions

The business suit is dead. Long live the suit! Typically when James Bond is putting on a suit during the day, it's for bus...

Drax’s Unusual Hunting Suit and Cape in Moonraker

Two weeks ago we lost actor Michael Lonsdale at the age of 89. Lonsdale gave a memorable, well-tailored performance as Hugo D...

Evelyn Tremble: A Bondian Grey Flannel Suit in Casino Royale

After Evelyn Tremble, Peter Sellers' character in the 1967 James Bond spoof Casino Royale, is given the name "James Bond", he ...

A Dark Grey Flannel Suit in Jamaica in Dr. No

This blog previously covered the grey flannel suit in Dr. No, but not in much depth. The suit also shared the article with a suit...