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Felix Leiter’s 1970s Checked Suit in Live and Let Die

Live and Let Die introduced the third actor to play James Bond, Roger Moore, and the fifth actor to play Felix Leiter, David ...

Felix Leiter: The Seersucker Suit

Rik Van Nutter's Felix Leiter in Thunderball wears a blue and white striped suit made of a thin, puckered cotton cloth called se...

Felix Leiter: The Tan Linen Suit

Jeffrey Wright's Felix Leiter may have proven to be the only one other than Jack Lord's who can rival Bond's style and cool deme...

Felix Leiter: The Dinner Suit

The one man at the poker table in Casino Royale who is arguably more elegantly dressed than James Bond is Felix Leiter. Jeffre...

Felix Leiter: The Tropical Beige Suit

Felix Leiter, James Bond's American counterpart, has never been as cool as when he was first portrayed by Jack Lord in Dr. No....
Goldfinger Felix Leiter

Felix Leiter: Ivy League Style

The Americans' traditional "Ivy League" style saw it's peak in the 1950s and early 1960s and was popular amongst people from c...