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Evelyn Tremble: Dinner Suits

In 1967's Casino Royale spoof, Peter Sellers plays a baccarat expert named Evelyn Tremble, who isn't the nattiest of dressers....
Octopussy Black Dinner Suit

Dinner with Kamal Khan: Notched Lapel Dinner Suit in Octopussy

In Octopussy, James Bond dresses for a dinner with Kamal Khan in a black notched lapel dinner suit in a wool and mohair blend ...
Octopussy Grey Rope Stripe

Classic City Suit: The Grey Rope Stripe in Octopussy

In Octopussy, James Bond comes to the office wearing a three-piece suit by Douglas Hayward in dark grey serge with a white rope ...
A View to a Kill Tan Suit

A Tan Gabardine Suit in San Francisco in A View to a Kill

A wool gabardine suit in British tan is perfect for in San Francisco's mild spring, summer and autumn. Tan has always been a fla...
Douglas Hayward Shop

A Visit to Douglas Hayward’s Mayfair Shop

Since 1968, Douglas Hayward has been at 95 Mount Street in Mayfair. The shop is at ground level and Hayward lived upstairs. Th...

Tailoring for the Times: Roger Moore

ROGER MOORE (1973-1974, Cyril Castle) 1. Flared trousers: Flared trousers became popular with a certain crowd in the 1960s and ...

Designing Bond’s Look

007.com has put out a short documentary in conjunction with the upcoming Barbican exhibition about Bond's clothes over the years. ...

The Soft Shoulder

The shoulder is the most defining aspect of a suit's silhouette. Shoulders can be padded or unpadded, straight, curved or pago...