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Q’s History Through Ties

Desmond Llewelyn says in the Licence to Kill DVD commentary, "I wear a different tie every time, and I have sort of the history of...

Q’s Glen Urquhart Check Suit in The Living Daylights

Q has a long tradition of wearing glen check suits, starting with Desmond Llewelyn's first appearance as Q in From Russia with L...

Q’s Bush Shirt and Bermuda Shorts

When Q visits Japan in You Only Live Twice, he wears the classic British military warm-weather outfit of a bush shirt tucked int...

Q: Morning Dress with a Double-Breasted Waistcoat

Like M, Q wears a black morning coat to Royal Ascot in A View to a Kill. The morning coat has a link closure, which I wrote abou...

Q’s Town and Country Style

Who is wearing the trendier suit in Goldfinger, James Bond or Q? Except for narrow lapels and covered buttons, Bond's blue suit ...
Q Prince of Wales Suit

Q’s Introduction in a Prince of Wales Check Suit

Skyfall is released today in the UK, and a new quartermaster is introduced. But let's take a look back 49 years ago. From Russ...