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An Unused Brown Pinstripe Suit from Diamonds Are Forever

Clothes are often made for film productions that are either never used or made as gifts for the stars. Diamonds Are Forever fe...

The Velour Tracksuit in A View to a Kill

Roger Moore's 1980s clothing is for the most part very classic. Bond often wears a black shirt with black trousers for his nig...

Columbo’s Navy Blazer in For Your Eyes Only

Fashion in the early 1980s rebelled against the excess of the 1970s style, but that excess would take only a few years to return...

Odd Job: A Servant’s Uniform

Though not in his manner, Oddjob makes a convincing servant in his dress. He wears black lounge, the same type of outfit that...

A Flamboyant Black Dinner Suit in Diamonds Are Forever

Sean Connery's James Bond typically shows restraint in his wardrobe choices, but in Diamonds Are Forever he wears a very flamb...
White Bogner Ski Suit

White Bogner Ski Suit in A View to a KIll

In the opening scene of A View to a Kill, Bond is a wearing an all white ski suit made by Bogner. The parka has a zip front, wit...
Skyfall Dinner Suit

Midnight Blue Dinner Suit (Tuxedo) in Macau in Skyfall

You don't need to have seen Skyfall to have gotten a good look at the Skyfall dinner suit. Daniel Craig has already worn his mid...
Connery Anthony Sinclair Brown Suit

Brown in Town: A Three-Piece Mohair Suit in Thunderball

In Thunderball, James Bond wears a brown and black mix worsted-mohair blend suit by Anthony Sinclair to the office. Brown has...