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The Herringbone Linen Suit in The World Is Not Enough

The ecru herringbone Irish linen suit for the final Turkey scenes in The World Is Not Enough is a clear standout amongst Pierce Brosnan's many suits as James Bond. This is one of James Bond's most relaxed suits of the series, particularly because it is one of Bond's few 100& linen suits.

Roger Moore’s Powder Blue Three-Piece Suit in The Saint

‘The Queen’s Ransom’ is the first colour episode of The Saint that aired, and it takes advantage of colour by putting Roger M...

Two Buttons vs Three Buttons on James Bond’s Suits

James Bond is most associated with having two buttons on his suit jackets because it is what Sean Connery almost always wears...

The Blue Checked Suit in No Time to Die

Bond almost always wears business attire when in London. Bond simply wouldn't look like Bond if he was walking around London ...

The Grey Glen Urquhart Check Suit from No Time to Die

For James Bond’s return to London and to his old Whitehall office in No Time to Die, he dresses just like he used to in the m...

The Tan Corduroy Massimo Alba ‘Sloop’ Suit in No Time to Die

The full No Time to Die coverage on Bond Suits starts with the Massimo Alba tan needlecord suit. I think this is the most signifi...

James Bond’s Brioni Suit Model Names and More

From GoldenEye in 1995 through Casino Royale in 2006, James Bond—as portrayed by both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig—was dre...

Remington Steele: A Classic Charcoal Three-Piece Suit

Happy 68th birthday to Pierce Brosnan! 13 years before he had his turn as Bond, he played the sartorially stylish Mr Steele i...