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Roger Moore Street People Light Grey Suit

Street People: A Grey Peaked Lapel Three-Piece Suit

Roger Moore's second film to feature the suits from Angelo Roma, the tailor who made the fashionable suits for The Spy Who Lo...
Moonraker Cream Suit

Arrival in Rio in a Cream Suit in Moonraker

In Moonraker, Bond wears a cream suit appropriate for his arrival in sunny Rio de Janeiro. The composition of the cloth is lik...

Tailoring for the Times: Roger Moore

ROGER MOORE (1973-1974, Cyril Castle) 1. Flared trousers: Flared trousers became popular with a certain crowd in the 1960s and ...

Ride to Atlantis in a Navy Blazer in The Spy Who Loved Me

In The Spy Who Loved Me, Roger Moore wears a very dark navy button two blazer that's almost identical to the one he wears two ...

The Light Brown Silk Suit in The Spy Who Loved Me

Last year we looked at the elephant grey silk suit Bond wears in Moonraker. In The Spy Who Loved Me, Bond wears an identical s...

The Roman/Military/Equestrian Shoulder

Though not all the same, the Roman shoulder, military shoulder and equestrian shoulder are all strongly structured shoulders w...

The Tan Safari Sports Coat in The Spy Who Loved Me

Cotton is not used much in tailored clothing because it is not a very strong fibre compared to wool, linen or silk. And becau...

The Moonraker Blazer, Part II: Venice

My last entry covered Roger Moore's navy blazer worn in California in Moonraker. Bond wears the Angelo Roma blazer again later...