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Martin Landau’s Two Beautiful Suits in North By Northwest

North By Northwest is a stylish spy film from 1959 that set the stage for the Bond films to come in the following decade. Whi...

Marnie: A Glen Check Suit Appropriate For Bond

In honour of Sean Connery's 84th birthday earlier this week, let's look at a glen check suit he wears in Alfred Hitchcock's M...

Notorious: The Classic Three-Piece Dinner Suit

James Bond isn't the only government agent who is a master of black tie. Cary Grant wears a textbook example of classic black ti...
Marnie Grey Pinstripe

Marnie: Grey and Navy Pinstriped Suits

It's about time I looked into Sean Connery's beautiful suits from 1964's Marnie. There's a wealth of material to draw from th...

The Famous North By Northwest Suit

"He's a well-tailored one, isn't he," says Martin Landau's character Leonard. Alfred Hitchcock's North By Northwest set the t...