A Suede Jacket and Mock Polo Neck for Spectre’s Climax



During Spectre’s climax in London, James Bond wears a “marine” navy “Racer Jacket” from John Varvatos. The jacket is made of goat suede and has a two-way zip-front that can open from both the top and the bottom. The sleeves have a zip gauntlet to allow the hand to fit through the narrow sleeves. The front and back are each made of two pieces, and the front has darts at the sides for a trimmer fit. There are side-access pockets at the base of each front dart. The jacket is fully lined.

Under the jacket Bond wears a dark charcoal grey fine gauge mock turtleneck from British company N.Peal made of a blend of 70% cashmere and 30% silk. The collar, cuffs and hem are knitted in a fine rib. This jumper has a close fit that shows off Daniel Craig’s body much better than a suit does.


On the teaser poster for Spectre we see the jumper without the jacket, where Bond’s shoulder holster is revealed. This look immediately recalls the 1973 film Live and Let Die, in which Roger Moore wears a black full polo neck with black trousers and shoulder holster. In turn, Roger Moore’s look was inspired by Steve McQueen in Bullitt, and Daniel Craig’s wardrobes also often take much inspiration directly from McQueen. Craig’s updated dark grey version better flatters his fair complexion than Roger Moore’s black polo neck does, though McQueen’s blue polo neck would be a great look on Daniel Craig.

The trousers are from Neil Barrett and have a flat front with frogmouth pockets. The trousers are black with a grey tic pattern of large tics made up of tiny tics in a blend of viscose, nylon, polyester and elastane. The legs are narrow and tapered, but the elastane content makes the narrow legs wearable. Bond wears the trousers with a belt, though because the scenes are so dark it is difficult to tell if the belt is black or brown. Because Bond wears brown boots with the outfit, a brown belt would be the ideal choice, and dark brown wouldn’t break up the outfit too much.


Speaking of boots, Bond’s are the Sanders & Sanders “Hi-Top” chukka boots, also known as the “Playboy” chukka boots. The boots are snuff suede with a two-eyelet closure, a full leather lining and crepe soles. Crepe soles are associated more with the desert boot, the chukka boot’s brother. Crepe soles are made of coagulated rubber and are very soft and comfortable and fantastic for the desert, but they’re not a good choice for the city. On pavement they absorb all of the filth, and in the rain they become very slippery. The sides of the soles do not look pretty as they wear. And as the soles age they harden, crack and lose their spongy comfort. The “Playboy” chukka boots are something directly inspired by Steve McQueen, which he wears with his polo neck in Bullitt.

Read more about James Bond’s relationship with the turtleneck/polo neck over the years.


  1. The sole reason for including the boots must have been to push the Steve McQueen/Craig connection. I was shocked when I saw David Zaritsky’s review, his boots were severely worn after a single day.

    • Avoid oil and gasoline on the ground. My guess is: he pumped some gas and stood in some for a bit. That tears up crepe soles terribly bad.

  2. Also Matt, what’s your take on the polo neck being taller than the jacket’s? It looks weird to me, but I suppose it’s not dissimilar to a shirt collar showing above a suit coat’s.

  3. One of the best outfits from the film, everything works well. The narrow trousers aren’t as bad because of a bit of elastine which is good. The jacket is a good fit for Craig, as is the mock turtleneck. The look and of course the shoes are a good tribute to Steve McQueen, but is McQueen’s look appropriate for Bond. What do you think Matt ?, also what do you think the chances of Craig doing one more Bond are ?

  4. I’m pretty certain that the belt is brown – you get a good look at it when Bond is dragged into the truck.

  5. You can see Bond’s belt for a brief moment as he is put into the van with the hood on. It is dark brown and looks a little worn.

  6. Matt, could you cover Tanner’s leather blouson and jumper on this scene? It would be interesting since this is the first time the M.I.6 staff is off duty in the series.


  7. The grey trousers are very typical of what you see these days from ASOS, H&M etc. and then more higher cost fashion brands like Neil Barrett where the trousers are from. The blend of synthetic materials though not as nice as wool they are easier to wash and care for. That also makes them better for travelling as you can care for them and wash them like jeans or chinos.


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