The Skydiving Jumpsuit for Gibraltar in The Living Daylights



The Living Daylights opens with James Bond and two other 00 agents parachuting to a training exercise on Gibraltar. They’re all wearing black skydiving jumpsuits, commando boots and parachute packs on their backs. Bond’s jumpsuit is probably made out of polyester. It has a zip front, a ribbed tall collar and ribbed cuffs. There is a flapped patch pocket on the upper part of each sleeve and a flapped patch pocket on the front of the upper thigh of each leg. The pocket flaps most likely stay closed with velcro. Bond wears the legs of his jumpsuit tucked into his boots.


Under the jumpsuit, Bond wears a black crew-neck T-shirt. The black leather commando boots have a plain toe, and closed lacing with five pairs of metal reinforced eyelets and five pairs of speed hooks above the eyelets. Bond and the other 00 agents skydive with a black helmet and goggles.


  1. I have often wondered whether the parachute that Bond uses to escape from the land rover is his original chute re-packed or just the reserve chute. We do see him seemingly folding up his parachute in one high angle shot.

  2. A script writer for live and let die Mr.Tom said it best when he said “Timothy has a face that you dont know what he is capable of doing.” He just might be my favorite james bond….

    Too bad he left too soon….

    a farewell to arms…


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