Skiing in the Caucasus in The World Is Not Enough


Whilst a one-piece ski suit isn’t the most stylish way to ski, it might be more practical. Bond wears a dark olive ski jumpsuit in The World is Not Enough made by Omega Outdoor Agencies. It comes Q-Branch-equipped with an inflatable bubble for protection in an avalanche. R demonstrated the bubble for Bond at the lab as part of a ski jacket, but Bond wears it in a jumpsuit instead. Perhaps the gadget works better in a jumpsuit. R describes the ski jacket as follows: “Now note closely please: pockets, poppers and zipper.” The ski suit has the same. It has a zip down the front to the crotch, and a fly covering the zip closes with poppers (snaps). The jumpsuit has two pockets in the chest that are accessed from the sides and two pockets on the side of the hips. The pockets close with zips to ensure everything inside stays put. The waist is tightened with a built-in belt that closes with a metal “seat belt-style” clasp, and the collar tightens with drawstrings. The bottom of the leg has an elasticised lining with zips and Velcro at the sides.

Underneath the jumpsuit Bond wears an insulating black mock poloneck jumper with a zip at the top. The zip may extend all the way down the garment. Bond wears insulated black ski gloves and Calvin Klein 2007 sunglasses with a gunmetal frame.


    • Are they? I always liked the ’90s/’00s metal frame sunglasses. At least you could get some variations in shape as opposed to today’s fashionable wayfarers, which themselves don’t look bad but seem to have the monopoly on the only accepted style.


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