Scaramanga’s Dressing Gown



Most of the villains in the Bond films have expensive tastes, and Bond occasionally enjoys borrowing their possessions: their vehicles, their champagne, their women, and their clothing. At the end of The Man With The Golden Gun, Bond escapes from Scaramanga’s Island in his junk and puts on Scaramanga’s luxurious black silk dressing gown. It’s a basic dressing gown with a shawl collar and a belt. It is lined in a white material, probably also silk. Now that Scaramanga is dead, he won’t mind Bond wearing his clothes, though I’m not sure I would care to wear another man’s dressing gown. Hopefully it’s clean!


  1. Clean?

    Of course it would’ve been clean. Any self respecting multi-millionaire international assassin would be absolutely scrupulous and immaculate in how he’d carry out his toiletry activities. Never mind the fact that he no doubt wore hand tailored silk underwear underneath.

    Clean, indeed!

  2. If Scaramanga wore it like Bond wears it here, there's nothing underneath. Bond is not wearing underwear, though I'm sure actor Roger Moore is.

  3. My favourite Bond's outfit is the one that Moore is wearing when he meets Scaramanga for the last time, when he arrives at the island.


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