Scaramanga: The White Suit


“He usually wears a white linen suit, black tie, and jewellery, all gold.” Miss Anders described Scaramanga’s dress to Bond after he twisted her arm. Scaramanga’s (Christopher Lee) suit not actually a pure white, but a little off white. The jacket has a button three front, a single vent, three-button cuffs, slanted hip pockets and no breast pocket. The collar is essentially a camp collar, even though it’s a term usually used for shirts. This type of collar was commonly found on leisure suits in the 1970s. Like typical leisure suits, this is also made of polyester, not linen. It is trimmed with mother-of-pearl-effect buttons and a cream satin lining. This jacket was auctioned at Bonhams in Knightsbridge on 6 March 2007 and sold for £5,520.

The cream trousers were also sold at Bonhams, two years later on 16 June 2009 and sold for £480. According to the auction these trousers are wool (with a waffle texture), and since they are not the same material as the jacket the outfit is not actually the suit that Andrea Anders describes. The trousers have a narrow leg, darted front, belt loops (with a belt buckle keeper), a hook closure and plain bottoms. The jacket and the trousers were made by costumiers Bermans & Nathans.

Scaramanga’s cream shirt has a moderate spread collar and double cuffs, worn with gold cuff links of course. The left cuff link becomes the trigger for the golden gun. Scaramanga makes no secret of his admiration for James Bond, and he even has an element of Bond’s dress in his own: the black knitted silk tie. It is the tie of the literary Bond, and Roger Moore wears one off of Scaramanga’s James Bond mannequin in the end of the film. Scaramanga completes his outfit with white shoes.


  1. Sounds like the head not knowing what the hands are doing. The coat clearly stands out from the natural fibre trousers. A 100% polyester coat is also one of the worst things you can wear where Scaramanga is located. Oh, the seventies…

  2. I watched the movie again last night, and it is clear the jacket and trousers are slightly different shades. Agreed, polyester isn't a good choice .. but do you see him sweating?

  3. There was also a black version of this suit made as well. You can see it on page 82 of the 1992 edition of “The Incredible World of 007” by Lee Pheiffer and Philip Lisa. There is also a headshot of Lee in this suit on the imdb page for this movie.

  4. Too bad the suit wasn’t linen indeed.
    Beautiful lapel roll on the second picture, that’s really a fine example of how a three-button coat lapel should roll.
    Matt, I guess these are natural shoulders ?

  5. I got one of these suits tailored when I was in Saudi Arabia. I also got an Azure Blue Double Breasted blazer as word by Jaws tailored. Both were very good


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