Roger Moore and His Stuntman in Blue Blazers Skydiving in Moonraker


Moonraker‘s pre-title sequence involves a skydiving scene, and his skydiving stuntman (Jake Lombard) can be identified by his different clothing. For his studio shots, Roger Moore wears a French navy blue wool doeskin double-breasted blazer with six buttons and two to fasten. Whilst traditionally any double-breasted jacket would have peaked lapels, this one has unconventional notched lapels. Since the early days of the modern double-breasted jacket, notched lapels have occasionally been seen on the double-breasted jacket, though peaked lapels have always been the standard design in modern times. The excessive width of the notched lapels here makes them unappealing, while wide peaked lapels are more tolerable. The lapels have swelled edges. The sleeves have three buttons and the back has double vents. The hip pockets are patch pockets with flaps. The blazer’s buttons are polished brass with four holes and sewn with contrasting navy thread.


With the blazer, Roger Moore wears a thin beige wool jumper with a ribbed polo neck collar, ribbed cuffs and a ribbed hem. He wears the jumper untucked. The light grey woollen flannel trousers are cut with a wide, flared leg.

The stuntman’s blazer

The differences between Roger Moore’s clothes and the stuntman’s are:

  1. Roger Moore’s blazer has double vents and the stuntman’s blazer has a single vent. The single vent helps hide the parachute better and doesn’t flap about so much in the windy sky. However like notch lapels, a single vent on a double-breasted jacket is a faux pas. Along with the single vent, the blazer has a break-away seam down the centre back to allow the parachute to open.
  2. Roger Moore’s blazer has brass buttons with holes to sew through and the stuntman’s blazer has shanked brass buttons.
  3. Roger Moore’s blazer has three buttons on the cuffs whilst the stunkman’s blazer has only one button on the cuffs.
  4. Roger Moore wears horsebit slip-ons whilst the stuntman wears lace-up four-eyelet derby shoes with an apron front, so the stuntman’s toe still looks similar to Moore’s toe. Obviously, lace-ups will stay on better when skydiving.

With the blazer, Roger Moore wears a thin beige wool jumper with a ribbed polo neck collar, ribbed cuffs and a ribbed hem. He wears the jumper untucked. The mid grey flannel trousers are cut with a flared leg.

Roger Moore's Slip-Ons
Roger Moore’s Slip-Ons
The stuntman's derby shoes
The stuntman’s derby shoes

Roger Moore has said, “Of course I do my own stunts. And I also do my own lying.”


  1. I like the marine blue colour of this blazer a lot. The notched lapels are unfortunate and really bring down the piece, put peaked lapels on it and it would have gone down as a classic. You see many odd jackets made in this great colour these days.

  2. I’m trying to recreate this outfit would wearing the horsebit moccasins be okay in this day in age, I should I go with a lace up?

  3. Do you think horse bit moccasins belong in a man’s wardrobe? I would like to think the items in my closet are timeless. Notice I said “I would like to.”

  4. I was wondering Matt does Roger Moore wear a belt with this outfit? I know that you said he didn’t wear belts with the outfits in The Spy who loved me but did the belt return here or is there still no belt?


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