René Mathis: Draping Knitwear in Quantum of Solace


Along with Jeffrey Wright’s Felix Leiter, Giancarlo Giannini’s René Mathis is one of Daniel Craig’s Bond’s best-dressed allies. When Bond visits Mathis at his new Tuscany Villa in Quantum of Solace, Mathis is stylishly dressed in an open-collar button-down shirt with a jumper tied around his neck. The pale blue button-down shirt is most likely made of a linen and cotton blend, since it’s lightweight and slightly rumpled. The button-down collar has an stylish roll for a casual look, and the inside of the collar band contrasts in ecru. The shirt has a placket, button cuffs and a mitre-cut breast pocket. The mitre-cut breast pocket is a rectangle, open at the top, with the bottom corners angled off.


Mathis wears a light blue-grey cashmere jumper like a scarf around his neck with the arms tied in front and the body draped over his back. It may be worn for a little warmth, but it’s probably worn primarily for style. He may have tied the jumper around his neck so he can conveniently don it if the weather becomes too cold, but since he’s at home he could just as easily leave it anywhere he wants to. Mathis wears flat-front navy linen trousers with a light brown suede belt and light brown leather slip-on shoes. The belt and shoes nicely complement the navy trousers, and the contrast is stylish for a casual outfit. This type of contrast, however, would not be appropriate for a suit. Mathis’ metal sunglasses are the Ray Ban Caravan model.

There’s more of Mathis’ clothing to come later.


  1. Nice to see Mathis’s effortless style get some play. Although a lot of what he wears are outfits that don’t match my particular style (perhaps in another 20 years) they suit him very well. I think that the actor’s charisma is certainly a key component as well – anyone who can pull off the much-maligned “sweater sleeves tied across the front” look has got it going on..

  2. I’m sorry, but for me a tossed sweater will always conjure images of Alan Partridge and his trademark “sports casual” wardrobe, and as such I just can’t take it seriously.

  3. It always used to be said that you could tell a continental from a Brit by the way he tied his sweater – the Brit choosing the more practical round-the-waist method.
    The round-the-neck look is a touch too studied for me (and especially here, as Mathis is in his house, as Matt points out). But I’ve certainly sported it when going for an evening passegiata in Italy and elsewhere – it’s more stylish and formal.

  4. This is a great outfit on Mathis and overall a very stylish scene. While the sweater tied around Mathis’ shoulders does come across as a bit affected given that he is at home, it is surely preferable to him wearing a track suit or some other abomination of casual wear.

  5. A very stylish look and I think very suitable to a retired former secret agent. Just because he’s retired doesn’t mean he needs to stop looking good.
    Mathis is one of my favorite Bond allies along with Kerim Bey, who is also well dressed. I find Giannini to be well cast, even though I thought Mathis is supposed to be French. He’s always very relaxed and effortlessly dapper. Makes a nice contrast with Craig’s more tightly wound character.
    On other actors, a sweater around the neck can look affected but I think he looks really natural here. It’s very unfortunate how his fate ended in QoS but then again, it’s happens quite often to Bond’s allies (again, like Kerim Bey).
    I’m looking forward to other Mathis outfits. I’m sure there are quite a few that are worth taking a look at.

  6. Funny, that the brit wears a cardigan, while the locals wear just a shirt or a swimsuit. Here on the continent you can identify british people because they are wearing T-shirts and shorts while the locals are freezing in their cardigans. (A bit overdrawn.)

  7. The belt and trousers contrast would absolutely be appropriate for a suit. It’s perfect. You’ll see an even brighter brown on the streets of Italy.

  8. It looks to me as though Mathis has reverse rolled his cuff in the birdseye image. Is this a common thing on the continent? Am I seeing things?

  9. Very interesting article Mr. Spaiser. I was wondering if you could write about Mathis’ navy suit when he first meets Bond.

  10. Well articulated; the Mathis look.
    I also think that a key point worth noting is the rather scruff hairdo, and the stubble beard play a part in making the look effortless.
    A clean shaven, combed look would suit the sweater completely worn or completely off. My etiquette perspective at least.
    Otherwise – cheers to ‘our friend Mathis’. (In a Le Chiffre tone)

  11. Great article! I really love the style of supporting cast in this one, chiefly Mathis and Leiter. I would love an article on Mathis’ relaxed outfit upon arrival into Bolivia. It seems to be a perfectly comfortable and stylish choice for a long flight. Keep up the fantastic work!


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