Recuperating in Pencil Stripe Pyjamas



At the end of Octopussy, James Bond is recuperating aboard Octopussy’s boat in India after sustaining injuries when jumping out of an aeroplane. Whilst recuperating, Bond is comfortably dressed in fine cotton pyjamas in white with a grey pencil stripe. The pyjama shirt has an open patch breast pocket on the left side and two larger patch pockets on either side of the lower front. It has a camp collar and a straight hem. The pyjama shirt’s wide, straight sleeves are three-quarter length with wide cuffs that are the same width as the sleeve. The buttons down the front are white translucent plastic. Unlike the straight pyjama shirt sleeves, the matching pyjama trousers have a tapered leg that is full in the thigh and narrow at the ankles.


It’s too bad that these pyjamas are only briefly seen in Octopussy, since two-piece pyjama sets of a shirt and trousers are not something Bond often wears. We later see Bond wearing pyjama sets in Licence to Kill and in Die Another Day. Sylvia Trench wears one of Bond’s pyjama shirts at Bond’s flat in Dr. No. The literary James Bond preferred long pyjama coats instead of two-piece pyjama suits, as stated in Casino Royale and Diamonds Are Forever. Though two-piece pyjama suits aren’t the prescribed James Bond nightwear, they are classic and still appropriate for the character.


  1. Does the literary bond wear long pajama coats when he is with a lady? A long pajama coat seems particularly unsexy by today’s standards.

  2. The combo used in Dr. No and Goldfinger of Bond wearing just PJ bottoms (as with the tarantula and with Jill Masterson) whilst the girl (Sylvia Trench/Jill) wore his top half was pretty damn cool and sexy. It showed of Connery’s manly, potential-tarantula-nest hair on his chest and both girl’s legs – keeping it PG but suggestively sexy.

    What’s never explained in Octopussy is – just like how on earth he got out of that gorilla costume without anyone seeing or hearing him changing – how does Bond manage to simply cast aside his splint and sling in this scene without screaming in agony? That is if he really did break some limbs…if not, why is he wearing them at all?

    I know, I know. It’s a movie. :)


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