The Quilted Gilet in For Your Eyes Only


Roger Moore wears a warm outfit for climbing up to St. Cyril’s Monastery in For Your Eyes Only. He wear a brown hooded monk’s robe but removes it to reveal a dark blue quilted gilet. The gilet has a zip front and is between waist and hip length. There are navy suede patches on the front of each shoulder. The gilet has two rounded pockets in the middle of the chest that are accessed from either side of the zip, two lower patch pockets and game pouch at the bottom of the back. Barbour makes similar gilets, but this one could have come from any number of retailers.


Under the gilet, Moore wears a chunky Shetland wool jumper in a two-tone effect light and dark grey. It has a mock polo neck collar with a rather large opening, since it can be folded down far enough that a shirt collar can stick up over it. The jumper appears to be very warm, though chunky knits aren’t so popular today. The dark blue cotton jersey shirt underneath is made by Frank Foster has the same large spread collar that all of Roger Moore’s shirts in the 1980s have. The shirt’s colour is close to but slightly lighter than gilet’s blue.


The shirt and gilet are light and bright enough that they don’t clash with the black corduroy trousers. The trousers have a straight leg and plain hems. The lace-up climbing shoes are medium blue with black soles.

Two different Frank Foster shirts were auctioned at Prop Store. The first shirt, sold on 16 October 2014 for £800, has two-button mitred cuffs, an mitred open breast pocket and a placket with four rows of stitching, both close to the centre like on most of Foster’s shirts but also on the edge. The edge stitching keeps the placket crisp on the edges since cotton jersey doesn’t keep a crisp crease. A second shirt, sold on 23 September 2015 for £800, has two-button mitred cuffs, no breast pocket and a placket only with two rows of stitching near the centre. It’s possible both shirts could have been used for these scenes at St. Cyril’s.


  1. Interesting how I’m seeing a lot of these worn this year, although more snug and not over a sweater. I think the character of The Governor in The Walking Dead last season introduced a lot of people to the quilted vest. With one this thin, I wonder how warm it would be (especially if it’s loose fitting like Moore’s)? I presume its function is more for stopping the wind going through the sweater.

    What are everyone’s thoughts about having their shirt collar outside of a crew neck sweater? Moore does that here (maybe not the best shirt to go rock climbing in…) and Brosnan does the same with his shirt when he’s out for a drive in Goldeneye:

    Personally, I always keep the collar of my shirt inside a crew neck sweater as I feel it gives a neater, more composed look. Thoughts?

    • A gilet is designed for warmth, even though it’s not meant to a fitted garment. I’ve never worn one, since if I want to be warm I’ll take the benefit of sleeves.

      I wear my collar both ways. Brosnan usually influences me to wear it out most of the time. With a spread collar, wearing it inside the sweater’s collar tends to make the shirt collar slide down.

      • I almost always wear my collar out with a crew neck sweater, unless of course I am wearing a button-down collar. (However, I typically only wear a button-down with a v-neck.)

    • As someone who has a long neck, I always look to wear a collared shirt as I look like a giraffe without one. I suspect when RM originally tried on the outfit, they then added the collared shirt to improve the overall line and shorten up his neck. Cary Grant was adamant about always wearing some sort of collar for this exact same reason.

  2. Overall, nice look for one of Roger’s best Bond-as-man-of-action moments. But, I never noticed the shirt collar before. It does seem a little out of place, though very in keeping with Roger’s established preferences. Nice sweater.

    I would say wear the collar out, but that collar is really big. A bit too much so to my eyes.

  3. Anybody know the make of the hiking shoes? It seems there are the only pair of hiking shoes I have seen that dont have a hint of being metrosexual

  4. One of Moore’s best casual outfits and very appropriate for mountain climbing. I’d say Moore choose a gilet because it is sleeveless and makes movement that much easier then if he wore a quilted jacket. But it wouldn’t be that comfortable trying to fit a jacket over the chunky jumper. We’re having a cold start to spring here in Australia at the moment and I often wear a gilet as casual wear usually over a merino jumper and shirt, works well as if it gets to warm I just take off the gilet.

  5. Does anyone know the brand of the black quilted gilet worn by one of James Bonds team on the attack on the monastery??

  6. There is reference to ‘Guardsman hems’: to be correct this does not refer to a slanted hem (though, mistakenly, it often is). A Guardsman hem (after the UK Guards regiments) is a semi-circle hem that is cut from the interior side of the leg to the exterior, that is to say side to side, not front to back. It is cut this way to facilitate a straight no- break drop of the trousers, over heavy parade boots whilst having long, jodhpur-like sides to give visual length.


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