Pierce Brosnan for Kia in a Navy Peaked Lapel Suit



Pierce Brosnan appeared in a Superbowl television advertisement for Kia Motors’ Sorrento Crossover SUV this year wearing a navy suit very similar to what we recently saw Daniel Craig wear for filming Spectre. Though Pierce Brosnan’s suit is a two-piece suit as opposed to a three-piece suit, it is made in a very similar button-two single-breasted, peaked-lapel cut that would suggest Tom Ford. The navy cloth has a sheen that would suggest mohair, possibly woven with yarns in white or other colours to give it extra sheen. The jacket has fairly wide lapels with a considerable amount of belly, and they extend roughly two-thirds of the way between the jacket’s opening and the sleeves. The shoulders are straight and have roped sleeve heads. The sleeves have five buttons on the cuffs. The suit trousers have a flat front and plain hems, and they are worn without a belt. This Kia advertisement plays up Brosnan’s James Bond past, and he is undoubtedly still supposed to dress like James Bond in this advertisement.


This suit very closely resembles the navy three-piece Tom Ford suit that Pierce Brosnan wore to the premiere of The November Man. The most noticeable difference between these two suits are the cuff buttons. Though both suits have five buttons on the cuffs, they are overlapping in the suit in the Kia advertisement whilst they are touching on the suit the Brosnan wore to the premiere of The November Man. Also, the buttonhole closest to the edge on this suit is the same length as the others whilst it is longer on the suit at the premiere, just like on all of Daniel Craig’s Tom Ford suits. This could still be a Tom Ford suit, but the sleeves would not likely have been finished in house. If this is not a Tom Ford suit, it was certainly inspired by Tom Ford’s designs.

The white shirt has a point collar that stands up neatly inside the jacket’s collar. The collar stands fairly tall, which is flattering because it covers most of Pierce Brosnan’s sagging 61-year-old neck. Brosnan wears the collar open without a tie. Usually a dark suit looks incomplete without a tie, but Brosnan pulls off this look elegantly. The relaxed setting and Brosnan’s relaxed demeanour makes it work. The shirt also has a front placket and double cuffs. Brosnan’s shoes are burgundy cap-toe oxfords and his socks are grey, a neutral tone that neither complements his outfit nor clashes with it. Navy socks that match the suit, however, would have been a better neutral choice.


If you haven’t seen the advertisement, you can watch it on YouTube.


  1. As (mostly) always, Brosnan looks very good in a suit and like you already said, he pulls the ”sans tie look” off here. It surprises me a little bit that he doesn’t wear a belt, but that’s a postive thing in my opinion. Though I’m not a fan of 5 buttons on the cuff, I like this overall look on Brosnan.

  2. Great look for Pierce, and you’re right; his natural elegance really helps him pull off the look even more. A good reminder of why he was cast as Bond in the first place.

    You mention that this might be a Tom Ford suit, but if not then it appears to be very much inspired by his style. Either way, I’m excited by this.

    Could this, and Daniel Craig’s new suit, be one of the signs of the reemergence of a looser cut? I certainly hope so. I know I’m not alone, especially here in this blog, when I say I’m thoroughly sick of the slim fit trend. Could it be our call back to ’60s style taken to the extreme run it’s course? Is it now time to move towards the ’70s? I’ve always preferred the look of the 1970s to that of the previous decade. Though as always, radical fashion trends are always unfortunate I’ll be far happier seeing people with wider lapels, longer collars and fuller trousers than the opposite which I feel has overstayed its welcome. I’ll welcome this change wholeheartedly.

    Or maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions? I really hope not.

    • This is my fear.
      I love the REAL 60s style,that is not skinny,but clean.
      My fear is that as reaction at the short & skinny crap we can back to the worse 70s,with huge lapels and horribles patterns.
      Seems that stylsts see only to the worst of the past fashions and worsen more (see for exemple the horrid neo-bold look of Armani and his imitators in mid-late 80s).

  3. The suit is without a doubt Tom Ford. In the last picture it has the milanese button hole on the lapel – which is his trademark. The 5 button cuffs are also signature Ford, but this suit lacks the elongated button hole nearest the cuff. In fact, it looks a little to me like the further buttonhole is the longest! But the suits come with unfinished sleeves, so the presence of the milanese lapel hole seals it for me.

  4. Hi Matt just a quick note to say that there is a new behind the scenes footage video of Spectre on the Facebook page which shows a few more suits on both Bond and Mallory albeit not in much detail. Mallory’s double breasted style is making a welcome return it would seem.

      • I can clearly see the navy velvet collar in this photo, and the Thames coat was navy, just as this coat is. Different lighting, filters and photography settings can make the same colour look different. It would be rude to go to a meeting with M with his coat on, but he may have just rushed in to say something. We don’t know the context. And I don’t see why he couldn’t be wearing the same coat over two different outfits. Bond has done it a few times before. The shirt in this photo could even be blue, considering how washed out it is. Colours are very tricky.

    • Yes, you’re right. I wasn’t paying attention to the collar, as it seemed improbable that Bond wears coat at the office. Or my eyes are not as sharp as they used to be. :)

      • You’re right that is seemed improbably that Bond wears a coat inside the office, but later this year we will find out why (unless you plan to read the leaked script).

    • No, I’m not planning to read it, I’m trying to avoid as much as possible. I even watched this video without the sound, and I will do the same when the trailer comes out. I had Skyfall ruined, trailers reveal too much for my liking.

  5. Once again, we are saved by Pierce Brosnan’s innate elegance and sense of style.
    It’s very so nice to look at a properly cut suit, and also I don’t like the look of a business shirt worn with a dark suit and without a tie, he could almost convert me to this trend !
    Which means that lots of things are possible, as long as it is done correctly !
    (an assertion that isn’t very smart, I am afraid ! :))

    I wonder if this is from Brioni, but the width of the lapels makes me think it is not, unfortunately. Brioni suits today have almost completely lost what Matt described as the “typical Brioni cut”, it is really sad. Sorry for going a bit out of the subject here.

  6. This suit looks good on Brosnan. He has always looked good in tailored clothing, even into his later years. Although this outfit would look better with a tie, I agree that Brosnan manages to pull of the look without one.

    The advert also has some charm. The look on Brosnan’s face when he exits the car is classic!

  7. I agree with the positive comments above, though I think the sans tie look is best given Pierce’s age, his implied experience with this sort of filming, and casual nature of the scene.

    Also, fully agree with Carmelo regarding the feared overreaction to the caricature of the slim suit we now have.

  8. The suit looks fine on Pierce Brosnan, and it does recall his James Bond persona. A former Bond actor could expect that while in a suit. The jacket’s lapels are wider than typical, for now, but there is nothing wrong with the wider width; Brosnan’s and Craig’s recent wider lapeled suits are refreshing sights compared to the predominantly very narrow lapels that have been in fashion since around 2008. I write this as a fan of narrow lapels, as well, but variety is nice. There could be room for both styles in a Bond film, as lapel widths do not need to be so consistent to show a man that dresses well. I am not suggesting for Bond to have ultra-thin lapels less than 2 inches or 5.08 centimeters, though. Not even Sean Connery during the heyday of smaller lapels in the 1960s wore particularly skinny ones, if I recall.

    I’m not an advocate of the tie-less suit fashion, as I like wearing neckties too much to embrace it myself, but it could look decent. My problem with the look is that it has been done so much within the past ten or fifteen years, or largely since the 1990s. Although Brosnan looks relaxed and sophisticated here, I believe that a tie is still capable of communicating that. It could be coarse wool, linen, or knitted wool or silk, for some examples of a less businesslike tie texture and fabric. There seems to have been a minor resurgence of interest in wearing ties among the late teens through early-thirties aged crowd, mostly in universities and cities, so I also tend to associate the tie-less suit with older men, which I have personally seen to be true a large number of times. The older gentlemen these days seem to prefer not wearing a tie, rather than the other way around. Perhaps these are very generalized thoughts, but I think I’ve seen enough examples around.

    • I think it would look better if it were a linen or cotton suit. Those suiting fabrics already look relaxed, so going sans tie works with them. Not as much with a worsted city suit such as this one.

    • That’s also a good point. The suit Brosnan wears in the ad is in a dressier worsted wool fabric and a very businesslike dark grey color, so that could explain why it appears to be incomplete without a tie. Brosnan still makes a pretty good impression with it, though.

    • It is a little harsh, but then again, as Tom Wolfe pointed out, past a certain age, a man’s neck becomes the least attractive part of his anatomy, which is why, historically, men have worn cravats, ascots, neckties, etc. The sans tie look is simply not flattering!

      • For some people it happens earlier than others. Daniel Craig’s neck was likely covered in more of Skyfall because it makes him look twenty years older!

  9. The 5 button arrangement on this cuff is intriguing.

    Is the first button (the one closest to Brosnan’s elbow) larger than the other 4? Could this be the standard Tom Ford 5 button arrangement in reverse?

    Also, is the other guy in the Ad wearing a Hackett suit? It looks like a 2 x 2 button arrangement on the cuff

  10. Brosnan wore a white open neck shirt (with double cuffs) with a what looks like a navy Tom Ford O’Connor suit in the film I.T. He wore the look several times in the film.

  11. As mentioned above, milanese lapel buttonhole and curved “barchetta” breast pocket clearly indicate that this is a Tom Ford suit. However, cuff buttons look very interesting, as it looks like each further buttonhole is a bit longer than the previous one.


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