Pale Yellow Jersey Summer Shirt


In For Your Eyes Only, Bond briefly wears a pale yellow lightweight cotton jersey short-sleeve shirt made by Frank Foster. Pale yellow is a classic summer colour that looks great in the sun. The shirt has a large spread collar, cuffed short sleeves, a darted back and an open breast pocket with mitred corners. The shirt’s placket is stitched close to the centre like on most of Foster’s shirts, but it is also stitched on the edge of the placket since jersey doesn’t keep a crisp crease. The buttons are mother of pearl.

The stone-coloured, flat-front trousers are made of a material that shows some wrinkles, either a linen-cotton blend or lightweight cotton like poplin. The trousers have a rear pocket on the right and a coin pocket below the waistband on either side, but they have no side pockets . Bond’s surcingle belt is off-white with black leather fittings and a brass buckle. The off-white fabric has large, length-wise ribs. In an off moment for Bond (and especially Roger Moore), his gig line is a failure. The placket, belt buckle and fly do not line up and look sloppy, causing his shirt to rumple.

Moore wears white espadrilles on rope soles, an ideal shoe for casual warm-weather wear. The white fabric shoes match the white fabric belt.


  1. Well, “DracoConstruction”, he did promise, at the end of The Spy Who Loved Me” to “keep the British end up”, after all.

    Seriously though, Matt, the trousers appear to be the same colour ones he wore with the blazer here; or are these some different material? Any ideas re his shoes?

    The shirt meanwhile, is a replica, of the other half sleeve one he wears here;, albeit in a different colour. When you look at the material of both shirts they appear to be made of the same material, which, although both shirts have a full buttoning placket in this case, bring them into the realm of a kind of sports shirt (which generally come with a half placket and about 3 or 4 buttons). All in all, it’s a nice, pretty timeless look.

    Finally, IMO Bond’s casual wear here at the start of the 1980’s stands head and shoulders above the clothing Bond wore at the close of that same decade.

  2. A photograph of Moore in this ensemble appears in the November 2012 edition of the British GQ Magazine. His shoes are a cream colour slip on of the plain style (without horsebit adornment) which he wore in the 1980’s.


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