Outerwear in Kazan: A Black Greatcoat in Quantum of Solace



At the end of Quantum of Solace, Bond dresses well for snowy weather, something I’ve been experiencing a lot of lately in New York. Bond wears a ten-button double-breasted, knee-length black herringbone wool greatcoat with flapped pockets and a belted back. Draped around his neck is a brown and black glen plaid silk scarf. Both the coat and scarf are from Tom Ford. Bond also wears black or dark brown gloves.


Very little of the suit underneath the overcoat can be seen, but in the book Bond on Set, by Greg Williams, there is a full length picture of Bond where the trousers are visible. It appears from the picture that the suit is dark charcoal grey and is likely the same suit Bond wears in London earlier in the film. The shirt is white with a spread collar and double cuffs.


The tie is a pattern of ovals, either in black and silver or dark brown and silver. Tom Ford produced the tie in both colours and in different parts of the scene the tie looks like it could be either colour from the changes in lighting. Bond’s shoes are black oxfords from Church’s.



  1. The suit is not actually seen since Bond wears the overcoat closed in these scenes. It could be the same suit as the suit worn in London, which I will cover at a later date.

    • If this suit were the charcoal suit he wore in London, would brown ovals and grey tie go with this suit? I heard one should never wear black with brown and even though the suit was “not quite black” it seems like that would still apply since black and brown together is in the same line as black with navy. The grey and black ovals would seem to match more

      • It’s more that brown shoes don’t go with a black suit. Black and brown can go together very well, like in Connery’s herringbone tweed jacket in the beginning of Diamonds Are Forever. And charcoal isn’t the same as black, even a very dark charcoal. It’s very dark but not nearly as flat as black. Charcoal and brown can go very well together too, like Pierce Brosnan’s charcoal suit and partially brown tie in Tomorrow Never Dies. Connery wore black shoes with brown suits in the city, and that’s fine too.


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