One of Columbo’s Men: Navy Outfit in For Your Eyes Only


After Bond is taken in by Columbo’s men in For Your Eyes Only, they give him clothes to change into from his dinner suit. He wears three pieces in light navy: a blouson, a polo neck and trousers. The blouson is a nylon jacket in the style of the MA-1 flight jacket. It has a darker navy ribbed knit collar, cuffs and waistband with elastic. It has a yoke in the front and the back, and slanted, zippered pockets.

The polo neck is made of fine knit cotton, worn tucked into the trousers. The long-rise, flat-front trousers are worn with black belt with a brass buckle, matching his black shoes.


  1. For me, this scene is reminiscent of Bond's meeting with Draco in OHMSS even down to 007's choice of casual outfit; Moore's navy ensemble being (arguably) a more discreet/subtle version of Lazenby's brown and orange polo, jacket and trousers (your 10/04/2011 post).

    In fact, FYEO's style and narrative is the cclosest of any subsequent Bond movies to OHMSS's special atmosphere.

  2. David – interesting observation, and highly likely given the esteem with which John Glenn holds OHMSS and the efforts he made in FYEO to replicate the mood and style of OHMSS. And I completely agree with your last paragraph.

  3. I agree, I actually have something of a soft spot for this one despite not liking too many of Moore's other Bond movies. I think the only other one I genuinely enjoyed was Octopussy. The rest were much too campy or, in the case of "A View to a Kill", boring.

    Fun fact: Despite that they couldn't legally identify Blofeld by name in FYEO, they still do so in the DVD subtitles when he speaks off-screen…


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