Nomi’s Tom Ford Safari Jacket in No Time to Die


James Bond is not the only 00-agent that Tom Ford dressed for No Time to Die. They also provided some clothes for Nomi, played by Lashana Lynch, which means her wardrobe is up to the same standards that Bond’s are. While Nomi operates much differently from the way Bond does, she’s also dressed in a safari jacket that recalls Roger Moore’s James Bond, the polar opposite of Daniel Craig’s version of the character. Comparison’s with Roger Moore cannot be avoided when a safari jacket shows up in a James Bond film, but Nomi might also be wearing one because it’s a trendy garment at the moment.

Nomi wears this white linen safari jacket to the London Universal Exports office, where it looks out of place. Roger Moore’s Bond never wore a safari suit in London, only in hot places. There are modern variations on the safari suit that don’t look out of place in the city, but this one in white linen is undoubtedly a warm-weather garment. Even with the leeway that women have in their fashions, this is not an outfit for the urban jungle. She could wear it for leisure on a hot summer day in London, but it does not give off the most professional vibe in the Whitehall office. However, she has an excuse: Nomi most likely put this outfit on in Jamaica and did not have a chance to change her clothes before paying a visit to M. If M were visiting her in Jamaica, it would be the perfect outfit for a meeting there.

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The Tom Ford safari jacket copies Roger Moore’s safari jackets in concept but not in practice. It shouldn’t be a perfect copy, particularly since Lashana Lynch is shaped much differently. It is in a colour Tom Ford calls ‘White Lily’ and has a slight creaminess to it. It has a button-three front, and a wide self belt with a two-pronged gunmetal buckle fastens it around the waist over the jacket’s middle button. The official description says it is ‘A belted jacket inspired by Mr. Ford’s field jacket. Designed with sharp shoulders, tonal suede details and patch pockets. Crafted of viscose linen and half lined in silk twill.’

The jacket has four patch pockets on the front. The two upper patch pockets each have an inverted box pleat and a flap with two buttons on the edges of the flap. The two lower patch pockets each have bellows, an inverted box pleat and a flap with one centred button. It has the classic safari jacket detail of buttoned shoulder straps. Under the right side of the collar there is a light brown suede throat latch. The buttons are two-hole black horn with white stitching. The jacket is further detailed with silk binding and tonal twin needle top stitching along the seams. The cuffs fasten with one button. There is no rear vent.

The jacket is also described as having a ‘masculine fit’, but in Nomi’s case it fits he feminine body type very well. Safari jackets are a traditionally masculine style, so that’s where most of the masculinity comes from in this garment. The roped sleeve heads contribute to the masculine look, but it overall does not have wide shoulders, which is the defining aspect of a masculine fit. However, the jacket’s mid-hip length is traditionally part of a feminine fit, and the jacket is neatly tailored to Nomi’s body, preventing her from looking androgynous.

Like a regular suit jacket, the hem is rounded at the bottom. Though many men’s safari jackets are now made this way instead of with the traditional squared quarters, the rounded cut is flattering on a women’s body, particularly when the jacket is mid-hip length.

Nomi wears no top underneath the jacket, but the jacket’s silk lining must feel pleasant against the skin. Though this is not an unusual way for a woman to wear a jacket, it also recalls how Roger Moore’s Bond wore his safari shirt-jackets just over his skin.

The pale pink trousers, which could possibly be from Tom Ford as well, have a full cut and are possibly pleated. Their texture suggests they could be a linen and silk blend.

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  1. Everything old is new again, someday the safari suits Roger Moore wore
    may not seem as dated as they do now. Good article.

    • I wore safari suit last summer and even more often this summer. It´s very comfortable in heat (material must be natural not synthetic) and also practical because it has lots of pockets. Get yourself a quality one and it will last you for years.

  2. As a safari jacket aficionado, I could not miss this very fine item when watching the movie. However, the other thing that caught my attention, and would not stop bothering me, is how unflattering its fitting is to Lashana Lynch.
    Her morphology is not quite comparable to Kate Moss, but is also rather remote from the Jessye Norman or Montserrat Caballé type.
    Lynch is reasonably athletic, all through the movie at least, but here (even on the second picture of your post) something is wrong. Really wrong.
    Maybe the belt, worn too high, contributes to make her looking just … fat (sadly) or pregnant (better).

    • I don’t think she looks that bad in it, but I agree that the belt is too high. I think the full-cut trousers are part of the issue too. She’s clearly a very athletic person, but the cuts add bulk where there isn’t any.

      • Even a movie star can’t be expected to look good while not in character in a picture taken with a cell phone. It looks like a wide-angle lens with a lot of distortion. The distortion is worst in the corners. Being in a corner of such a shot flatters nobody.

  3. Interesting article Matt! I am going to see the film tomorrow! This is something that I have been looking forward to doing for a long time. I am going to see the film in black tie to celebrate the release.

    It is interesting to see safari wear being used in a James Bond film again. Maybe in the future we will see James Bond wear safari wear again!


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