Never Say Never Again: V-Neck and Striped Polo



In Never Say Never Again, Sean Connery briefly wears a mid-grey merino wool V-neck jumper over a polo shirt. The polo is a yellow and light blue horizontal stripe, with a ribbed light blue collar. Connery wears it with two buttons open and the collar outside the jumper’s. We don’t see the trousers worn with this outfit, but the khaki jeans he wears in the following scene may have also been worn here.

The summer colours on the polo are fitting for the Mediterranean, though not as Bond-like as the blue polo in the original film that Never Say Never Again remakes, Thunderball. The colours of the polo match the bathrobe that Bond is given on Largo’s yacht the Flying Saucer, and this may signify that Bond got this polo from Largo. When on a boat, dressing in layers is always helpful since the jumper can be removed if the weather gets too warm.



  1. Mediocre. Nothing really offensive, just not very good. And I don’t think the colors look good on Connery at this age.

      • Fair, but I think the grey emphasizes his grey hair and age, and there isn’t much contrast between the grey and blue.

      • Agree with the comments above. The sweater is not bad at all. Paired with a plain grey or black polo would be better. More the classic Connery Bond image but in general, mediocre sums up the clothing in this movie. In fact, mediocre sums up the movie in general.

      • Connery looks slimmer/more fit in this scene. Wonder if it was near the end or the beginning of the production.

  2. This outfit is certainly less Bondian than others -after all the film itself has no interest apart seeing Connery if you like him-, but I think it looks quite good on Connery. Another interesting thing is that he sure seemed in a much better shape here than in DAF.

  3. Matt,
    Your assumption on the khaki jeans seems good. In Paul Duncan’s”The James Bond Archives” Sean Connery is seen in them on the deck of Largo’s yacht in a behind-the-scenes still. He is wrapped in an orange towel so we do not see the top of his outfit but the jeans are visible. As Largo is dressed in the white shirt and black trousers he has in the later scene we can assume Bond does not change clothes either.
    Regards from France

  4. I can accept the grey sweater, but I don’t think the polo is a very good match. It’s a really boring blue color, that is too close to grey and the yellow just make it look childish, I think. I can understand if it had been worn without the sweater aboard the yacht, but here it’s just a boring kit. A blue shirt would have been better, and why did Bond change his clothes between the time he “provoked Largo” with Domino and came ashore?

    • If memory serves, Bond was wearing a wetsuit when he was taken aboard Largo’s yacht, so he is wearing Largo’s clothes, or (more likely) a crewman’s. And no, I can’t explain why they provided another outfit if Largo wanted to kill him, but in eny event he looks comfortable as one can be as the captive of a maniac. This, IMO, was ten times better than DAF as a way of bowing-out of the Bond role for Connery.

  5. Mostly agree with everyone about this particular outfit. I thought it was a nice casual outfit, but it didn’t really have alot of “punch”. That being said, I’ve seen some behind-the-scene pictures with Connery wearing the sweater wrapped over the shoulders…it was far more interesting, and his biceps really appeared to be in great shape.


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