Never Say Never Again: Sean Connery’s Grey Herringbone Tweed Jacket


In Never Say Never Again, Sean Connery wears one of the most versatile sports coats, a grey herringbone tweed sports coat. This herringbone is made up of black and grey yarns for a medium-dark grey look overall. The two-button sports coat is cut with a natural shoulder and roped sleeve head. The sports coat has double vents, slanted pockets, swelled edges and three-button cuffs for a classically sporty design.

The black and grey herringbone is one of the most versatile patterns for a sports coat.

Connery wears this sports coat twice in the film. The first time is with a grey poloneck and fawn wool trousers in the countryside. The second is with a mid blue poplin shirt, navy tie and dark grey flat-front trousers, for a dressed-down office look.

The shirt is made by Turnbull & Asser with a spread collar and button-down cocktail cuffs. The tie is tied in a Windsor knot. Connery’s shoes are black lace-ups.


  1. The problem is that the cut of the jacket is unremarkable as were a lot of Connery’s clothes in this film. Not a patch on his Sinclair ones form the official series or the Hayward suits Moore was wearing at the time Never say Never Again was produced. It would be very interesting to find out who supplied his suiting for this film.

  2. I agree with David’s comments, but I do think that he looks much better in this film than in Diamonds Are Forever, both physically and stylistically.

  3. It’s difficult to compete with the elegant clothing of the 60’s, but I think it look just fine except for the windsor knot.

    The cream suit from the same movie was beautiful as well.

    • Agree with 1A. The cream suit was the one outstanding exception in the film and I think the dinner suit he wore was also ok (but, to be honest, this is not too clear in my mind). This is interesting as one assumes the one tailor made the lot. However, this jacket and the navy blazer in particular are like something from a chain store.

  4. I really like this look for Bond, and I think the herringbone sports coat may keep the character rooted to the literary world. This looks is far too casual for the “Moore-era” but works with the rouge quality of Connery’s Bond…there’s almost has a Steve McQueen aesthetic in my opinion.

    • Moore’s Bond would never wear a sport coat to the office. He would think it wouldn’t be formal enough for the surroundings. But if Bond had no set meetings on that day or it maybe even was his day off, the sport coat and slacks would be fine. Still Roger Moore wouldn’t wear it but it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be fine.

  5. Medium/Dark Grey sports coat, grey sweater and fawn trousers……badly put together colours. Wouldn’t the dark grey trousers have worked better both times he wore the jacket? A mess.

  6. I like the fawn trousers, I often wear shades of brown with my grey herringbone jacket. Mine is on the slightly warmer side of grey, though, I suppose the light yarn is cream as opposed to white. I have no defense for the sweater, though. Literally any other colour or shade would have broken up the outfit a bit.


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