Never Say Never Again: Black Notched-Lapel Dinner Suit


Never Say Never Again - Dinner Suit

Sean Connery wears a well-cut black, notch-lapel, button one dinner jacket in Never Say Never Again. For such a grand occasion peak lapels should be in order, but Bond isn’t usually one for being the most formally-dressed in the room. Nevertheless, he still is far better dressed than Maximilian Largo (Klaus Maria Brandauer). Largo dresses similar to the original, played by Adolfo Celi, in a white double-breasted dinner jacket, but wears a black shirt and has none of the elegance of the original villain’s clothing.

Back to Connery’s clothing, the dinner jacket is tailored with soft shoulders and has jetted pockets, double vents and three-button cuffs. The jacket has a low button stance, and the buttons are black horn. The dinner suit’s trousers have a flat front and a satin stripe down the side. The style of this dinner suit is almost identical to the Douglas Hayward dinner suit that Roger Moore wears in Octopussy, but it is rumoured that George Lazenby’s Bond tailor Dimi Major made the suits for Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again.

Never Say Never Again - Dinner Suit
with the Turnbul & Asser shirt

Connery’s fine white cotton dress shirt has a spread collar, placket with onyx studs, and single-button cocktail cuffs that button down. This is an ordinary white shirt, made special for black tie only by the studs. It’s a modern take on the dress shirt, but the simplicity is in line with Bond’s usual tastes. The shirt is made by Turnbull & Asser, though he wears a Frank Foster shirt in at least one shot. The Frank Foster shirt can be identified by its narrower placket with stitching close together down the middle. Foster is the inventor of the button-down cocktail cuff that we see here, first worn by Roger Moore in an episode of The Saint.

Never Say Never Again - Dinner Suit
with the Frank Foster Shirt

The bow tie is black satin in a classic thistle shape, and Connery wears no waist-covering. The shoes are black derbys that appear to be well-polished calf leather and not patent.


  1. Enjoyed the return to the 1960’s era wardrobe sensibilities. Though not a carbon-copy of the conduit cut, the wardrobe in this film harkens back to the simple elegance of Connery’s earlier Bond films. Roger Moore certainly played-up the “dapper” Bond, and it fit his interpretation of the character. Connery, on the other hand was more character focused and the clothes were simply the backdrop…not the centerpiece. The shirts in this film are beautifully made, and the suits are refined yet simple. Simply loved this tuxedo, and Connery still cut quite the figure in this incarnation.

  2. Could there be any possibility that Doug Hayward made Connery’s suits and jackets for Never Say Never Again ? They do look very similar to what Roger Moore wore the same year in Octopussy. Does anyone know what tailors Connery was using in 1982/83 ?


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