Never Say Never Again: Cream Suit


The only time Sean Connery wears a cream suit in the James Bond series is with the linen cream suit in Diamonds Are Forever. Connery wears a cream suit again in Never Say Never Again, but this time the outfit is better put together. It’s a button two suit likely in a very lightweight tropical wool that could be equally appropriate for a dinner jacket. It is cut the same as the grey suit he wears earlier in the film, with soft shoulders, gently roped sleeve heads, a clean chest and a low button stance. The suit jacket has double vents, flapped pockets and three-button cuffs.

The flat front suit trousers have slanted side pockets and one rear button-through (unbuttoned) single-jetted pocket on the right. Connery wears the suit with a light brown belt and shoes.

The Turnbull & Asser shirt is periwinkle with a spread collar, single-button button-down turnback cuffs, a placket front and a darted back. The shirt has a slightly full fit, and there are pads sewn into the armpits to mask any underarm sweating in the heat so the shirt looks neat. Connery wears a light grey textured tie with thin, wide-spaced blue stripes, and it’s tied in a Windsor knot. The tie is likely from Turnbull & Asser.

His shoes with this suit are likely the same as what is pictured under his hotel-room bed in a later scene. The shoes are mid-brown derbies with a moccasin toe and single leather soles. The style is fairly casual and pairs well with such a casual suit, but it also can be worn more casually.


  1. Thanks for featuring this Matt.

    It's a beautiful suit and it would be very interesting to find out definitively who made his suits for Never Say Never Again. It does look, certainly, very similar to the Hayward style. What do you think yourself?

  2. The only redeeming quality NSNA has is Connery's wardrobe. He looks better in this, both physically and sartorially, than he does in Diamonds. Say what you will about the weakness of this film, Connery is dressed well.

  3. David, I don't think this suit looks quite as good as Moore's Hayward suits. Sean Connery has suits made for himself by Maxwell Vine of Sackville Street, so perhaps he used him for this film. But I know little of Vine's cut.

  4. Hayward had a partner named Dimi Major, based in Fulham… he had a very similar style to Doug and made suits for Connery for some years… I wonder if this might be one of them… Major also made a lot of suits for Ronnie Corbett!

  5. Nice outfit, very similar to Moore’s one in FYEO at about the end and in Octopussy when he arrives in India. But a darker tie would have looked better, I think -a navy grenadine, for example…

  6. I have always liked the tan suit in Octopussy, the light brown suit from For Your Eyes Only and the cream suit from Never Say Never Again.

    This season I have looked for a similar suit in wool. Unfortunately it seams to be difficult to find a beige or cream wool suit, at least where I have looked so far. The only lighter-coloured suits that I’ve seen is either in cotton or linen.

    Haven’t I looked enough or is it more uncommon these days with lighter coloured suits in wool?

  7. If you would add a handkerchief to this suit or Moore’s light-coloured suits for an example – what color would be a good choice you think?

    • With this suit I would chose medium blue for the colour in the tie’s stripe. White would also work. So either a non-dominant colour in the tie or simple white linen.

  8. Sean Connery looks fantastic in the suit and recaptures all the suave and style he so ably exudes. Even in the still photo shown minus the jacket and wearing the shirt casually he looks great. Ironically this unofficial entry felt more to me like a Bond film than Spectre!

  9. I watched this film recently and that suit stood out loved the shirt and tie combo too it really suited the sunny environment of the Bahamas !

  10. “There are pads sewn into the armpits to mask any underarm sweating in the heat so the shirt looks neat.”

    Today it was hot where I live, especially during the ride in the subway which was more or less a mobile sauna, and it became a challenge to stay stylish more than like ten minutes without sweating. So let me just say I hesitated to remove my jacket despite using a V-neck t-shirt under my shirt today…

    While searching the topic on this site I ended up here and I noticed the text here above.

    These so called pads, are these visible in any way in the movie or how do you know about this? Are these common on shirts? I have never heard of it before, but I don’t use shirts from T&A admittedly. However, on a day like this it’s sounds interesting especially if wearing a blue shirt.

    Although not an issue for Bond because of movie magics, like when coming to Jamaica in a dark, grey flannel suit and still look perfectly fine, but perhaps a future article here, since the summer is here for many of us, could be about how to stay stylish and sweat-free (!) as much as possible on a hot day when one really has to dress up for any reason.

    As a side note, this cream suit really looks fantastic on Connery and Mr. Hayward did a great job.

    • I don’t recall where I saw the underarm pads, but I think they might be visible when we see Connery take his shirt off. They’re probably something the costume team put in rather than Turnbull & Asser.


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