Never Say Never Again: Bond Borrows a Striped Bathrobe



When Bond arrives aboard Largo’s yacht the Flying Saucer in Never Say Never Again, he’s wearing a wet suit. He removes the wetsuit immediately and when he climbs on deck he’s only wearing a pair of tight, mid-thigh-length navy swimming trunks with red and white stripes. Largo’s butler greets Bond and gives him a bathrobe and matching towel to wear over his shoulders to dry off.

Bond’s briefly seen swimming trunks

Bond’s striped bathrobe in Spectre makes the striped bathrobe from Never Say Never Again relevant again, though the colour schemes are vastly different. The bathrobe Largo provides Bond has a bold pattern of wide and narrow yellow, navy and periwinkle stripes. There are also narrow sections of white and coloured pin stripes in each of the three respective colours. The bathrobe is made from a very absorbent waffle cotton or microfibre.

The calf-length robe cinches around the waist with a belt. There are two open patch pockets at the sides below the belt. The chest has a black patch with a gold insignia.

Close-up of the waffle fabric
Close-up of the waffle fabric

Like many of the bathrobes and dressing gowns that Bond wears, this one is not Bond’s own and not something to judge his taste by. The pastel colours were very popular in the 1980s, and his polo later in the film follows the same colour scheme. The shared colours between the bathrobe and polo may signify that Bond also got the polo from Largo. However, the shirt and trousers that Bond wears aboard the Flying Saucer inexplicably match his own since he brought no clothes with him.



  1. Oh dear, the colours are hideous! Even for a bathrobe this looks oversized.

    In retrospect, out of all the decades, I dislike the 80s fashions the most. The oversized suit trend is in my view worse than the current undersized suit trend.

  2. To be fair, all of Connery’s other outfits in NSNA were trimly-fitted, and Moore’s Hayward suits in OP and AVTK were excellent. Bond didn’t succumb to the 80’s oversized fashion until the Dalton outings.

  3. Not what Bond would buy but jaunty enough for the deck of a luxury yacht. Just the sort of thing Largos would issue to his guests while he’s playing the flamboyant millionaire. Clearly its way too large to be Largo’s own robe.


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