Navy Herringbone Raincoat



Yesterday was Daniel Craig’s 46th birthday, and in honour of that and spring approaching we take a look at his elegant navy raincoat in Casino Royale that he wears over his charcoal blue plaid suit. It is possible that Brioni made this raincoat, but considering the various sources that other clothes came from for Casino Royale—such as Armani, Alfani and Ted Baker—it could from practically anywhere. The raincoat is made in herringbone cotton and has set-in sleeves. The lapels can fold over and button at the top, and the coat has four buttons down the front, including the button at the top of the lapels. The coat has lapped seams, edges stitched 3/8″ from the edge and a relatively short centre vent. Daniel Craig wears the coat open and lets the belt hang in the back.

Navy-Herringbone-Raincoat-2The raincoat has straight hip pockets with flaps and a slanted breast pocket with a flap. It’s not unusual, but it’s also not common, for outer coats to have flapped breast pockets. It’s certainly more unusual for suits and sports coats to have flapped breast pockets, though Roger Moore wears suits with flapped breast pockets in The Saint, The Persuaders and Moonraker, and a sports coat with a flapped breast pocket in The Spy Who Loved Me.


  1. I have the film on Bluray, and saw it in the theatre three times (projected film has four times the clarity of Bluray and HD TVs) and I never noticed that this was herringbone. You learn something new everyday. I wouldn’t have thought that it was cotton, either – would it be treated in some way to make it water repellant, or would that be more due to the type of weave used?

    It’s a very nice coat, and it’s a shame that they didn’t feature it more. The flapped pocket is a nice touch, both aesthetically and practically. Had a great casual rain jacket with flapped pockets and it makes a big difference in keeping the contents of your pockets dry!

  2. Matt this is off topic but could you do a segment on pocket squares and how to fold them? I am having the hardest time trying to replicate how Daniel Craig folds his in Skyfall and Quantum of Solace
    thank you


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