The Nailhead Dressing Gown in Goldfinger



In Goldfinger, Bond wears a black and white nailhead silk dressing gown in his hotel suite at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. This is the ultimate dressing gown in luxury and style, and it’s a piece Bond would have brought himself rather than borrowed from the hotel. The perfect fit in the shoulders means that this was possibly made bespoke for Sean Connery. The dressing gown has turn-back cuffs and a shawl collar with black piping. There is a jetted pocket on the left side of the chest and unusual—but stylish—hacking-like slanted jetted pockets on the hips. Because the dressing gown’s pockets are set-in, it must have a lining. The dressing gown reaches below the knee and is tied around the waist with a belt. Each end of the belt is decorated with a diamond motif and a fringe.


Underneath the dressing gown Bond wears light blue cotton pyjama bottoms. The pyjama bottoms’ waist is tied with a white drawstring. Jill Masterson wears Bond’s matching pajama shirt, which has a camp collar, four large buttons down the front, a patch breast pocket, long sleeves and a straight hem.



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  3. Hi Matt,

    I recently caught a showing of Goldfinger and immediately noticed Bond’s black and white nailhead dressing gown (with turn-back cuffs and a shawl collar with black piping) early in the movie. It reminded me of my father’s (he was half English and educated in Europe) clothes. Do you know of any place I might purchase such a great and useful article? Specifically, I would like to try to obtain a copy of the one Bond wore in Goldfinger. Thanks in advance for your help.

  4. Thank you for this excellent site. I would enjoy reading an analysis of Cary Grant’s clothing compared to Connery Bond. Does Grant ‘a consideration as Bond qualify him for this ?!

  5. My husband is a disabled veteran, I would like to get this gentleman’s dressing gown for him. How were would I get one. Size Large. Thank you


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