Moore’s Unused Dinner Jacket for Live and Let Die



As part of Live and Let Die promotions, Roger Moore’s photo was taken as Bond in the requisite dinner jacket, yet this outfit didn’t make it to the film. Not wearing a dinner jacket in Live and Let Die was one of the many ways used to distinguish Moore from his predecessors. Cyril Castle made this black dinner jacket in the same six-button double-breasted with two to button style as the double-breasted suit Moore wears at the end of the film. It has softly-padded shoulders, slanted pockets with fancy braided jetting, satin silk peak lapels, and satin silk-covered buttons. The dinner jacket also has Cyril Castle’s flared, link-button cuffs, which are seen on all of the suits in Live and Let Die. The dinner jacket has matching black trousers.

The dress shirt repeats George Lazenby’s now-dated style with a ruffled front, with one row of ruffles down each side of the placket. The lack of such flamboyant clothing that made it into Live and Let Die is more in character for Bond. The cream silk shirt is most likely made by Frank Foster. It has a spread collar, and its double cuffs have the link holes very close to the fold. Moore wears a wide black bow tie and a white handkerchief puffed in his breast pocket.

Moore wore this dinner suit to the Live and Let Die premiere.


  1. Because of his stance we don’t get to see the silhouette of the suit. Based on Matt’s article it sounds like a classic, though I’m not sure if slanted hip pockets are a classic characteristic? I personally don’t like Bond wearing double breasted jackets as it makes him look too much of an aristocrat. I prefer Bond to look restraint in “less is more” kind of way.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Dear Matt,

    It might be “Moore’s FIRST unused dinner jacket”. There is in Dave Worall and Lee Pfeiffer’s “the Incredible World of 007” 1994 edition (I own antiques, I guess) a still of Sir Roger in a similar black dinner jacket but with a shirt with cocktail cuffs for “The Man with the Golden Gun” (the shirt, shoes and haircut are consistent with the 1974 film). I cannot say whether it is the same or an additionnal suit. It is black but I cannot see the pocket detail I had identified in an earlier post. The lapels seem a little wider and the trousers more flared…but it might just be an illusion.
    If you do not have that still I will be happy to scan and forward it.

    Regards from France,

  3. Moore wears a black double-breasted dinner jacket in the photo that appears on page 145 of Dressed to Kill: James Bond the Suited Hero. The photo was shot to publicize The Spy Who Loved Me, yet I can’t recall Moore wearing it in the movie. I wonder, could the jacket be the same one that it’s the Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun photos? Making THREE unused diner jackets seems rather extravagant!

    By the way, Moore’s bowtie is perfect in The Spy Who Loved Me photo.

  4. Eric,

    I too have that book! And I see the photo. I can scan it tomorrow and email it to anyone who wants it, if you can’t get to it.

  5. I’m pretty certain that he wore this dinner suit when presenting Marlon Brando’s Oscar to Sacheen Littlefeather in 1973 (and he was wearing the shirt, too).


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