Luggage Gone Ahead


Octopussy Hotel Closet

“My luggage?” asks James Bond. “Gone ahead,” replies Sadruddin, in Octopussy. Bond’s clothes have been hung in the closet of his hotel room, with the Ferragamo luggage placed on the floor. Either a few of the suits were hung up rather carelessly or they are sized inconsistently. The suit on left looks especially poorly hung. From left to right we see a taupe suit, a tan suit, a light grey suit (sans cuff buttons), light blue trousers, a white dinner jacket hung with black trousers, a black dinner suit, a safari suit and a brown vest. The first four items in the closet are not worn in the movie but the rest are. The tan suit may be a copy of the tan gabardine suit Bond is wearing in this scene.


  1. Well done, Matt. When watching the movie these scenes pass you by. Well, the first suit certainly wasn’t made for Roger Moore! Re: construction, the first three also look a little like linen/linen mix. I also love the 1970’s/1980’s style Ferragamo luggage. Very classy and something I’d aspire to myself. And, finally, what a pity we didn’t see a little more of the lady framing the picture too!!

  2. Are the light blue trousers perhaps James’ bedclothes? Doesn’t he wear light blue pajamas when sleeping with Magda?

    • Those were my thoughts as well, they look to be the same color.

      Also I can’t imagine anyone other than James Bond that would need to travel with not just one but two dinner suits! Yet another reason why I admire him so much. What’s interesting to me in this picture (apart from the pleasant looking young lady David points out!) is that the clothes we know for sure belong to Bond/Moore– the safari suit and the two dinner jackets, are in much better condition than the others, which seem a little rumpled. Something tells me they were just placed in there to hold the space, much like the many articles in the closet in Bond’s hotel in Man With The Golden Gun. They are also of different sizes.

  3. Speaking about luggage, I’m having a hard time knowing what to pack when traveling. Do you think I just pack what sean Connery wears in Two suits and a blazer, since I’m traveling from the Phillipines to the states and at times mexico and Singapore.

  4. Also since sir roger chose black for his dinner suit, do you think he chose black because of the setting? When should you go midnight blue and when should you go black?


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