Low-Vamp Slip-Ons



Ian Fleming specified in Moonraker that Bond wears “well-polished black moccasin shoes.” Timothy Dalton’s black slip-on shoes in Licence to Kill probably started out well-polished but quickly get dirty. Dalton’s shoes have a casual, handsewn moccasin toe, which makes them not the best choice of slip-ons for a suit, but slip-ons traditionally aren’t worn with suits anyway. By the 1980s, slip-ons were an acceptable choice of shoes with a suit, and Dalton’s slip-ons have the characteristic 1980s low vamp. The low vamp shoe allows the dandy to show off his socks, though Dalton chooses to wear unstylish black with his. Blue socks to match his suit would have been a better choice. Though the shoes look a little dated now, they appropriately fit Dalton’s idea of bringing Bond closer to the literary source. With a higher vamp these shoes would be stylish in any era.



  1. Well, I’ve never been a big fan of slip-on shoes, and especially not with suits. And black slip-ons seem just a big mistake to me, like wearing a black belt with brown shoes. I guess it’s one of Fleming’s sartorial oddities , like the short-sleeve shirts worn with suits.
    At least Dalton (by the way, you posted it in Moore’s category, Matt) didn’t wear those horrible brown shoes in the second picture.

  2. As much as low vamp shoes aren’t for me (bloody massive instep) you can’t say they don’t fit the climate and business casual atmosphere in which they are represented (at least in the films.)

    I’m guessing those brown ones are just braided leather, although a small (very small, tiny part of me) almost thinks they could be bamboo.

  3. In my own personal taste, i think slip ons with suit are ok only if they are like the ones showed here, with a full sole and a higher heel, if the moccasin is one of those informal ones with plain soles they are unacceptable with a suit, once again, thats just my personal taste.

    The moccasin we see in the top right of the photo is Sánchez’ i always tought those shoes were some exotic leather moccasins (maybe alligator), but they do look like braided leather here, and they may be horrible as someone said, but remember, thats just what a loud, millionaire, south amerian drug lord would wear… ;P

    • Fernando, fully agree. The heel is the key to make this look acceptable. Otherwise it looks like Briatore with his slippers on, heaven forbid!

  4. Hi, nice ones, where can you find this kind of loafers for men nowaday? Is it still possible, as I really like this model, thanks :).


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