The Light Blue Suit in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


The light blue suit has fallen out of favour, but it made one of its few appearances in the Bond series in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It’s a great suit for the warmer days of spring and for summer, and it is best in a pick-and-pick (or other semi-solid pattern) of blue and white rather than a solid blue. A solid blue might give the impression of the powder blue suits that were popular in the 1970s, but Lazenby wears a more sophisticated example when shopping at Rossio Square in Lisbon, Portugal.

The light blue suit is best worn when other light-coloured suits—such as tan and cream suits—are worn, and as such it is best for warm weather. While light grey can do well in many business contexts, light blue is more of a fun colour for a suit, though in some setting it can also be appropriate for business. Light blue suits in the American south are often worn in the summer in the form of seersucker and pincord.

Lazenby’s Dimi Major suit has a button three front with a clean cut, soft shoulders and double vents. It’s detailed with cran Necker Parisian lapels, swelled edges and one-button cuffs to emphasise the suit’s sportiness. The trousers have narrow straight legs. Lazenby wears the suit with a white shirt made by Frank Foster with a semi-spread collar and double cuffs, a navy knitted silk tie and black shoes, likely the monk shoes he wears elsewhere in the film.


  1. I’m not so fond of the high 3 button stance on this suit. The 2 button cream color one ( appeals more to my eye but I do like the color of this and it suits Lazenby. Just a pity it’s seen so fleetingly. The color matches an Aquascutum suit I once had in linen and was very fond of.

  2. The excellent book “the making of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” by Charles Helfenstein shows a closer look. It has 1-button cuffs, swelled edges and the shirt has double cuffs.
    A very 1969 look!
    The book gives great details on the suits (e.g. slip-ons and detachable collar for the wedding).

    • Thanks Eric. I have the book, and I’ll look at it more closely. The wedding outfit I could tell from the film, though the shoes are similar to the short chelsea boots that Connery sometimes wore.

  3. Nice suit and a great post. I almost missed this one in the movie, and I agree with David that the button stance is too high but it does fit Lazenby. His suits are really quite nice and distinct from Connery’s, somehow combining stylishness, traditional British touches, and a modern look. Like all things related to the great 1969 Bond epic, Lazenby’s wardrobe is very underrated and overlooked.

    • Christian,

      I couldn’t agree more regarding OHMSS in general and Lazenby’s suits in particular. The light blue suit in question reminds me a bit of the one Roger Moore wears in the hotel scene with Maud Adams in TMWTGG. The cut is different, but the colors are very similar. Pity suits in that color are hard to come by these days.

  4. I agree with the other commenters regarding not being enamoured of the high button stance but otherwise being highly admiring of this and Lazenby’s other suits. I actually bought a suit of a very similar colour two summers ago inspired by this suit. I do wish the scene that was cut where Bond and Tracey are seen shopping for the ring would be made available to fans as a DVD/Blu-ray extra.


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