Kristatos: The Classic Double-Breasted Dinner Suit



In For Your Eyes Only, Aris Kristatos, played by Julian Glover, contrasts James Bond’s single-breasted, notched-lapel dinner suit with a double-breasted, peaked-lapel dinner suit that’s slightly reminiscent of the dinner suits Bond wore previously in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. Not a whole lot of Kristatos’ black dinner suit can be seen. The dinner jacket has six buttons with two to button, and the jacket is cut with a narrow wrap so there isn’t a lot of space between the two columns of buttons. The cut is timeless with natural shoulders and a clean chest, and with its balanced proportions it wouldn’t look out of place today. It follows tradition with jetted pockets and no vent.


Kristatos’ shirt appears to be just an ordinary white shirt, especially since the shirt has regular mother-of-pearl buttons rather than studs. It is nevertheless an elegant shirt with its plain front. Though it’s not a proper dress shirt, it is an appropriate shirt especially considering the less formal casino environment. The collar is a long moderate spread collar. Prominent stitching on the collar highly suggests that regular Bond series shirtmaker Frank Foster (who made Roger Moore’s and Topol’s shirts for For Your Eyes Only) made this shirt.

The bow tie is a classic black satin butterfly.


  1. I think that the better model of double breasted dinner jacket is the Kent double breasted (four buttons with two to button).


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