James Bond Black Tie Illustrations by Pat Carbajal


Recently I had become acquainted with a brilliant artist and illustrator named Pat Carbajal from Argentina. We worked together on three illustrations of classic James Bond black tie outfits: Sean Connery in his ivory dinner jacket from Goldfinger, Roger Moore in his midnight blue dinner suit from The Spy Who Loved Me and Daniel Craig in his black dinner suit from Casino Royale. Pat’s attention to detail as well as his skill at capturing the likenesses of the Bond actors is unbelievable. See these three illustrations of his for yourself:


You can see much more of Pat’s work at on his website Pat Art and on Twitter.


  1. Indeed, not bad at all! Each of her drawings would make a nice cover for an e-book titled “The Suits of James Bond”! 🙂

  2. As a clothing fan, the outfits and attention to detail are amazing.

    As an portrait artist, the workmanship and likeness is sublime.

    As a Bond fan, I love the way the distinct characters unique to each actor have been captured.

    Excellent post, Matt!

  3. Since we are on the topic of creation, i would like for you to consider the following as a future topic for an article, if it tickles your fancy as they say. There are reports that hugh Jackman did indeed turn down the role of bond. Let’s say, he did decide to play bond how would you have dressed him?

  4. Yes, I remember in that article in great detail. So in that case, regardless of the actor playing bond you still would go with the classic greys and blues. Would you happen to have any color combinations in mind? (As mentioned previously, brosnan being placed in blue and brown.)

  5. Such a great attention to details. Moore’s cuffs are correct and even the stitching on Craig’s shirt. Amazing!


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