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Daniel Craig was announced as the new James Bond in Casino Royale at a lavish press conference on 14 October 2005, which was coincidentally Roger Moore’s 78th birthday. For this event Daniel Craig wore a Brioni suit, which at the time was a well-recognised part of James Bond’s image. Though his suit was reported by People to be “charcoal grey,” the suit looks more like charcoal blue, if not navy. The colour, whatever it actually is, was the right choice. Blue is Daniel Craig’s best colour and is the classic Bond colour as well, at far as Fleming is concerned. The suit has a button two jacket cut with Brioni’s usual straight, padded shoulders and roped sleeve heads, and it has medium-width lapels, flapped pockets and double vents. The trousers have a flat front and a slight taper to the leg with a plain hem. This suit is as evenly balanced as a suit can be and will never look outdated. It’s most likely a ready-to-wear suit, judging by the less than perfect fit. Whilst there aren’t any significant fit problems, the jacket could use a little more shaping.

Craig’s sky blue shirt has a spread collar and double cuffs. His red tie has a pattern of fancy yellow and purple spots, and it is tied in a four-in-hand knot. With the suit he wears a black belt and black derby shoes. Since Daniel Craig and Casino Royale were on their way to taking James Bond back to his roots, this rather unremarkable outfit looks appropriately less luxurious than Brosnan’s Brioni suits that came before. The first-rate quality, however, is still present. These clothes don’t draw attention to themselves, good or bad, but at the same time Bond’s clothing should be a little more interesting. And indeed a little more interesting the clothing was in Casino Royale.


  1. Its actually interesting, GQ did a piece on the evolution of Daniel Craig’s style and this was an example of how bad it was before Bond. They described him as looking like a CPA. I think you are spot on as describing it as solid, but not great. Having his hands in his pockets doesn’t do him or the suit any favors in the picture.

  2. I’ve always found this look to be decidedly un-cool, the producers really missed an opportunity when they introduced the new Bond to world looking like a news-reader. Can’t abide that wider, patterned tie.

  3. It’s hard to make a statement off of one picture (I’m too tired to look up more) but the word “unremarkable” sums this up perfectly for me. The fit certainly appears less than perfect, and as someone mentioned in another thread fit can really alter a suit’s impact regardless of the designer or where the suit is sourced (I’m unbelievably fortunate to have one OTR suit that fit me as if it were made for me).

    However, given the…unusually strong emotions that Craig’s clothing can generate in some perhaps unremarkable will be seen as not a bad thing!

  4. Indeed this was a ready-to-wear suit according to Daniel Craig. I recall reading an interview with him around the time CR came out and he described the Bond handlers putting him in the Brioni suit just before the press conference.

    I actually remember being somewhat disappointed in the suit (and skeptical of Craig) after having become accustomed to Brosnan’s luxurious, polished look. But as you point out, things improved once we got a look at CR.

    Finally, I hope you’ll eventually look at the Tom Ford suit that Craig wore at the Skyfall press conference. To my eye, the cut looked better than the suits he wore in the film.

  5. I wholly disagree with the comments above. I remember this day well, as I was truly heart-broken about them (Michael Wilson & Barbara Broccoli) dumping Pierce Brosnan so unceremoniously. My disappointment probably resembled how the kids from the 60’s felt about Sean Connery quitting; Pierce WAS my generation’s James Bond! However this was the first time in my life which a new guy would take over the role, and I thought Daniel Craig was an original choice! This was an exciting period of Bond history.

    That being said, I have always admired this ensemble. In 2005, nobody knew what Craig’s Bond would look like so they had to go by the pre-established “Bond look”, as it had been re-interpreted by Lindy Fleming from 1995-2006. IMO, this is one of the most effortless looks by Daniel Craig, and it harkened back to Brosnan’s suiting choice from the “Die Another Day” press conference, and I wonder if this was a subtle baton-toss…sartorially speaking. I do agree though about it being a bit boxy…but it’s nothing too distracting overall.

    Despite “Casino Royale” being a reboot to the classic series it still seems that that producers didn’t want to break far from “tradition” as Craig’s Bond literally kept the same accoutrements as Brosnan’s (right down to the exact same Omega watch, and identical looking Aston Martin). Through the years, we’ve seen (and endured) Craig’s look constantly change & evolve. For me, it’s been frustratingly difficult to watch Fleming, & Ford pin-down a definitive style for him…especially when I think they got it on the first try! So it’s nice to see something that’s simple, & classic (if a bit boring).

    **as a side note: that tie has always struck my odd, because I have a Ralph Lauren Chaps tie that’s almost identical…and that says alot**

  6. It’s interesting to see how much Daniel Craig has aged since he took on the role.

    I don’t really see any problem with this ensemble, it’s a very nice suit, but as with anything OTR it could probably benefit from a tailor’s nipping and tucking. Still I can’t imagine a more versatile garment than a classic navy suit such as this, it’s appropriate for pretty much any occasion.

      • While I agree about the short hair, the longer hair here isn’t much of an improvement. I thought his hair looked best, for the most part, in QoS.

      • I agree with this. The very short hair he had in skyfall does not flatter him at all (I think it’s the main reason he looked like a thug). But, I don’t like this hairstyle as well. I think it’s kinda too messy and just not “slick” enough for Bond. I prefer his haircut in CR or QoS to be honest.

      • Perhaps they thought the short clipper cut made him look more hard edged, but I preferred this hair style in terms of Bond being suave.

  7. How they ever chose him as bond I will never know? I was eager to see if he would leave the role after sky fall but I found out he signed on fir another now I have to wait significantly longer for him to leave the role..,,

    • DC hasn’t worn out his welcome with me. However, for the matter when he does leave the role I’m pulling for Michael Fassbender to be the next 007:)

      • The entire world, critics and the general populace alike, had embraced Craig as Bond. The only demographic that seems to be lagging behind is a small subset of anachronistic Bond fans. Unfortunate but unavoidable given the vastly different approach taken during the past few years.

  8. “The only demographic that seems to be lagging behind is a small subset of anachronistic Bond fans.”

    Well, the subset I seem to belong to has to admit that Craig is a pretty good actor. That however does not necessarily make him a proper Bond. I trust we have enough of one Vladimir Putin without having his lookalike take over the role of Bond;)

    More seriously, our ‘subset’, as FS defines it, was accustomed to more natural elegance, not to say ‘class’, as this word has lost its lustre and very meaning over the years. The fact that most former actors (aside from Dalton ?), including Connery, were more ‘cloth-conscious’ helped them to endorse the role.
    In the 1960s, ‘men wanted to be him’. I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, and still wanted to ‘be him’. The same happened in the 1990s. Once Craig took over, the last thing I ever wanted is to ‘be him’.
    As much as I appreciated CR & Skyfall as movies, the impression I am left with is : ok, fine, now where was James Bond ?
    The more I feel this, the more I appreciate the elegance of a character such as Ralph Fiennes’ Mallory. Is it too much asking ?
    The scene that reall killed me was Craig having dinner with a stunning Vesper after he won at Baccara (sorry: poker) with his bowtie and shirt undone, talking with his mouth full. Not very Bond-like, in my humble opinion. Not to say classless..
    Certainly not an interesting role model.

    • Pretty much agree with you 100%.

      Die Another Day was tripe, and perhaps Casino Royale was a much needed swing of the pendulum in the other direction – but I long for the days when Bond movies can be unapologetically… you know, Bond movies.

      • Daniel Craig, I find has to work at/try to be suave and it really shows on screen which looks terrible. The way he swings arm (the other being in his trousers pocket) when walking looks ridiculous. And has anyone noticed some of his stances in Skyfall when he has his legs far apart and he’s stood all rigid? Oh and the pouting is unbearable too.

      • So, Stan, Tredstone, I guess we’re the dinosaurs here! So what!

        I agree, naturally, 100% with your sentiments and interestingly, it’s not the first time I’ve heard Craig described in discourse as having an appearance more akin to a Russian tough guy. Also, do we need to keep apologetically adding the caveat that Craig is “a good actor”. That’s not the remit here and, in some ways, for me anyway, not that important to a portrayal of this cinematic character. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, in a way we’re all as bad as each other on this blog and every Bond, and his interpretation, will have his devotees and detractors. It’s not going to change. And yes, re: the suit I agree, better “unremarkable” than “remarkable” but for all the wrong reasons!

    • My favourite line from any review of CR was one where the critic said “For the first time since watching Connery as Bond as a kid, I watched a Bond film and thought – I want to be that guy!”. Judging by the conversations with male co-workers and guys at my gym this is a very common sentiment.

  9. Actually, while there are clearly some obvious fit issues, I think the color scheme and the cut of the suit are rather classic and timeless.
    The tie seems a bit loud though -as a matter of fact, I thought it was louder than several of Brosnan’s ties.

  10. Lets take a step back and analyze why individuals are taking certain view when it comes to Mr.Craig. It is true that individuals vote with their wallet, but one has to ask the million dollar question; “Did the film gross more than a billion dollars world wide because of Daniel or because it was just great film in general?” This can be asked of all the major power franchises currently known “Indiana, Harry Potter etc…”

    However I think the Bond fans were given a substitute that was well received rather what we came to know as Bond. I myself have been a fan of bond since the age of seven when my father used his hard earned money to take me to see The living daylights, (which is still my favorite Bond Film of all time.)

    With this we must be able to accept and realize change. Do I like Daniel Craig as James Bond? Absolutely not, Mr.Craig embodies a cold entity that is indeed too coarse for my sentiment. Do I respect his abilities as an actor? Definitely, I think Mr.Craig is able to convey the proper emotion when it comes to communicating to his audience.

    However does acting ability dictate whether or not this person is meant to play James Bond? To a degree, yes, to another degree, no. I doubt Philip Seymour Hoffman or Sean Penn could bring justice to the role of James Bond, nonetheless those two actors are powerhouses within themselves.

    My friends, what we have here is a good piece of cinema that is missing the alcohol of the martini. It might look great it might taste great, but the beverage is not what I paid for.

  11. Looking at this picture, I kind of understand why the internet flipped out when Daniel Craig was chosen some 9 years ago. The suit is high quality but not really fitted very well and ends up looking mediocre (are the sleeves too long?). The haircut is, as I said before, too long and messy. Even his facial expression looks too relaxed in my opinion. At the time, I thought he was the wrong choice, of course.
    But then came Casino Royale and Craig has got new suits, a new haircut and has got his menacing stare right.

    “And indeed a little more interesting the clothing was in Casino Royale.”

    I agree wholeheartedly, Matt.

  12. It’s funny how we always get off the subject of the article – the suit – and end up talking about the actor. In my opinion, the suit is a mess and doesn’t fit properly.

    On DC, he’s certainly not my favourite but he is the first actor to display the required visceral menace since Connery.

  13. Dan’s hair was this long because he was doing reshoots for The Invasion so he couldn’t have cut it for the launch. I’m sure he would have if he could.

    • Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore also had much longer hair at their initial Bond announcements. Despite Pierce Brosnan looking quite unkempt, longer hair looked better on both them than it did on Daniel Craig.

      • IIRC, Brosnan was shooting a film at the time – Robinson Crusoe? – and similarly couldn’t have cut his hair if he wanted to.

        Brosnan’s hair is pretty much a “luxurious mane” so it looks pretty good no matter what the length (of course, opinions will differ depending what is in style at any given time). As Craig’s hair is not as thick in comparison, shorter seems to look much better on him. A trick I learned a long time ago is that the shorter your hair is, the thicker it looks. It’s amazing to me to see how different my own hair looks in the same styles and lengths as it has thinned over the years!

  14. I like the colour dark charcoal, it fits to a Special hair colour. i like it with dark Grey and White Shirt.

  15. The Brioni cut Craig is wearing looks similar to what Donald Trump wears, but he makes expensive suits look cheap in my opinion. He apparently just buys his off the rack. I like a red or burgundy tie with a light blue shirt, it’s complementary I think.


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