Interview on Nouveau Vintage


You might be familiar with Jovan Gauthier’s name through some of the many online menswear communities he participates in or through the comment areas on this site. But now Jovan has his own blog about classic style called Nouveau Vintage, and he interviewed me for it. Click here to see the interview, but also be sure to read Jovan’s other articles to hear his great insight into classic style.


  1. It seems that your articles are very well balanced and objective, since I would have never guesses from them that yout favorite Bond is Roger Moore !

    • No reason he can’t be both! For example, in addition to menswear I’m quite the nerd for scifi, fantasy, and most kinds of anime. I’m also an actor.

      • That’s a good way of putting it. I would have never been interesting in clothing had it not been for James Bond. For me, he is the pinnacle of style and grace.

  2. FS, I would agree 100% but just add the caveat that your conclusion depends on the actor in the role (although, naturally, that’s somewhat subjective).


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