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A tweed golfing jacket that belong to Ian Fleming was auctioned at Bonhams on New Bond Street on 23 November 2010 and sold for £1,080. This jacket was made by Fleming’s tailor Benson, Perry & Whitley in 1963, only a year before Fleming died. This jacket is most reminiscent of the literary James Bond’s “battered black and white dogtooth suit” that Fleming first mentions in Moonraker, and he subsequently mentions it as the suit that Bond wears for golf in Diamonds Are Forever. This jacket is in a shepherd’s check that is more than twice the size of a houndstooth check. It could have been part of a suit like Bond’s dogtooth suit, but the large scale probably means that this was made only as an odd jacket. Also like Bond’s dogtooth suit, this jacket is a “yellowing” black and white. However, this jacket also has a teal overcheck.

The style of the jacket is the closest to what we can guess Bond’s suit jackets were like. It is a button two with narrow lapels and flapped pockets. Though we can see the cut from the pictures of it laying flat, it is probably cut like Fleming’s other jackets with natural shoulders and a little drape. To match the sporty tweed look, the buttons are black leather. Like on some of the film Bond’s dinner jackets, this jacket has turnback “gauntlet” cuffs as well, with two buttons. Gauntlet cuffs have little bearing on formality, so they are just as appropriate on a sports coat or an overcoat as they are on a dinner jacket. They are, however, too fussy for tailcoats.

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  1. Interesting window into The literary Bond’s tailored clothing. However, I can’t say I would want to wear such a jacket to play golf. This may be one area in which the modern trend towards casual clothing is beneficial (at least for one’s golf game!)

    • I’d have thought clothing that helps you to be seen on the golf course is as much a safety feature as it is social. There is no way you could accidentally hit somebody wearing that jacket with your ball. You could see them from half a mile away.

    • Agreed. Although the pattern and the style of the jacket is lovely, I wonder how anyone could really play golf while wearing a lounge jacket.

      Matt, with what color of trousers would you pair this jacket ? I am not really convinced with off-white or medium grey (or any kind of grey) flannel trousers, but every other color seems wrong.

      • My first choice for jackets like this is charcoal flannel. But I think off-white would be great with it, as would light grey. Navy could also work.

  2. What an interesting find. I think it looks nice, and appropriate enough for the golf course. I could much more easily imagine Sean Connery, George Lazenby, or Roger Moore wearing a sports jacket with that type of a pattern, than any of the later Bond actors. I can’t recall Daniel Craig even wearing a sports jacket in his three films, am I incorrect?

  3. I found a similar jacket at a thrift store, although it’s a 60’s button one. There are sections of it that have pretty uniformly yellowed, but then then there are some isolated yellowed spots throughout. What accounts for this? Thanks.

  4. Happy 4th Mr.Spaiser,

    When it comes to using a so called golf jacket like this, how does one go about doing it? I purchased one similar to this from Oxxford and do I use it after the golf game or before? Why is it called a Golf Jacket?

    Forgive my ignorance, just trying to grow up.

    kind regards

    • Hi Saul, people would have played golf in such a jacket or suit. It hasn’t been the thing to do for over half a century, but at one time people played golf in tailored jackets or suits.

  5. Would anyone happen to know the brand name of the.golf clubs james bond used in the films ian Fleming for that matter?

    I see some sort of engraving on the putter sylvia trench uses in Bonds apartment but i cant make out the name.

    My guess its ben hogan
    Anyone have any clue on any of the above mentioned questions?

      • Everyone knows of the golf balls and the sweater but im interested in the clubs. I think i may have found the answer and i think I just bought the bag Bond uses.


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