Ian Fleming: Thunderball (1961)


“A scar down his right cheek showed pale against a tan so mild that he must have only recently come to the island. He was wearing a very dark blue lightweight single-breasted suit over a cream silk shirt and a black knitted silk tie. Despite the heat, he looked cool and clean, and his only concession to the tropics appeared to be the black saddle-stitched sandals on his bare feet.” (Chapter 11)

Bond joined Leiter at a corner table. They both wore white dinner jackets with their dress trousers. Bond had pointed up his rich, property-seeking status with a wine-red cummerbund.” (Chapter 14)

“Bond rolled his swimming trunks into a towel, put on a dark blue sea-island cotton shirt over his slacks, and slung Leiter’s Geiger counter over his shoulder. He glanced at himself in the mirror. He looked like any other tourist with a camera.” (Chapter 18)

And I thought the moccasins that Bond wore with his suit in Moonraker were already too casual for a suit. Here Bond takes casual footwear too far. More to come on Ian Fleming’s Thunderball next week.


  1. I've always wondered what kind of sandals he was wearing. Still, a suit in the tropics doesn't go too well…


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