Ian Fleming: Thunderball (1961) – Count Lippe


“He [Count Lippe] was an athletic-looking six foot, dressed in the sort of casually well-cut beige herring-bone tweed that suggests Anderson and Sheppard. He wore a white silk shirt and a dark red polka-dot tie, and the soft dark brown V-necked sweater looked like vicuna. Bond summed him up as a good-looking bastard who got all the women he wanted and probably lived on them—and lived well….
“All he learned—from the clothes—was that the Count was a much-traveled man—shirts from Charvet, ties from Tripler, Dior, and Hardy Amies, shoes from Peel, and raw-silk pajamas from Hong Kong. The dark red morocco suitcase from Mark Cross might have contained secrets, and Bond eyed the silk linings and toyed with the Count’s Wilkinson razor.” (Chapter 2)

In all the stories written about Bond, we never get this kind of detail about his clothes. Bond (and Fleming) appreciates the quality of Lippe’s clothing, but the clothes mark him as a man of little integrity in Bond’s eyes. It might be the case that the drape cut of Anderson Sheppard reminds Bond of the drape suits worn by the Duke of Windsor. Whilst the Duke of Windsor is well-known for his style, most of the English thought little of him.



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