Ian Fleming: For Your Eyes Only (1960)


From the short story “For Your Eyes Only” in For Your Eyes Only by Ian Fleming:

“He [Colonel Johns] ran his eye over Bond’s old black and white hound’s-tooth tweed suit and white shirt and thin black tie. He said: “Clothes.” He unclipped a plain sheet of paper from the file and slid it across the desk. “This is a list of what I reckon you’ll need and the address of a big second-hand clothing store here in the city. Nothing fancy, nothing conspicuous – khaki shirt, dark brown jeans, good climbing boots or shoes. See they’re comfortable.”

From the short story “Risico” in For Your Eyes Only:

“Bond put his gun on safe and tucked it away in the belt of his trousers.”

This doesn’t say much except for that Bond’s casual trousers were worn with a belt.


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