Ian Fleming: Diamonds Are Forever (1956)


“In transit it was six o’clock on Thursday evening and Bond was packing his suitcase in his bedroom at the Ritz. It was a battered but once expensive pigskin Revelation and its contents were appropriate to his cover. Evening clothes; his lightweight black and white dog-tooth suit for the country and for golf; Saxone golf shoes; a companion to the dark blue, tropical worsted suit he was wearing, and some white silk and dark blue Sea Island cotton shirts with collars attached and short sleeves. Socks and ties, some nylon underclothes, and two pairs of the long silk pyjama coats he wore in place of two-piece pyjamas. None of these things bore, or had ever borne, any name-tags or initials.” (Chapter 6)

This covers all the clothes Bond needs for an ordinary mission. The lack of name-tags or initials is very important for Bond’s clothing, which could easily give him away undercover, or at the very least it would limit his covers to the initials JB. That didn’t bother Simon Templar, who commonly used aliases such as Sebastian Tombs and Sugarman Treacle. But in the cases when Bond must pose as a real man, such as Peter Franks, the initials would get in the way. And does anyone know why Bond likes those nylon underclothes so much?

Bond also wears a borrowed bush-shirt at the end of Diamonds Are Forever, giving a modicum of credulity to Roger Moore’s derided safari clothes:

“Automatically, with his eyes still on the leaping flames, his hands felt in the pockets of the faded khaki bush-shirt, borrowed from the Garrison CO, for his lighter and cigarettes, and he took out a cigarette and lit it and put the things back in his pockets.” (Chapter 25)


  1. Nylon underwear dries very quickly after washing.
    If you wash it before you go to bed and sleep in the buff (like JB does), then you could probably wear it again the next morning, and you don't even have to pack underwear.


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