How Will You Dress for Watching No Time to Die?


No Time to Die finally premieres in London on 28 September 2021 after two years of release delays. It will have theatrical releases on 30 September in the United Kingdom and on 8 October in the United States, with dates varying throughout the rest of the world.

How should a fan dress to watch a James Bond film for the first time? There are a few situational answers, but overall there is no one right answer. Like many of us ask ourselves, how would Bond dress for the event?

The Premiere

If you’re attending the London premiere or another evening premiere event, the only proper way to dress is in black tie. For men, this means a dinner jacket (dinner suit, tuxedo). While you can get by with a dark suit, white shirt and tie for many black tie occasions, that doesn’t cut it for a James Bond premiere. The dinner jacket is Bond’s signature outfit and it would be a severe insult to the character and his sartorial legacy to wear anything other than a dinner jacket to a Bond premiere.

Bond himself would wear a dinner jacket to any premiere, and the Bond actors usually wear a dinner jacket to the world premieres themselves. Often, they wear the same dinner jacket that they wore in the film or in a previous Bond film, though Daniel Craig has shown more variation in his wardrobe.

In most parts of the world, premiere event attendees should wear a black or midnight blue dinner suit. An ivory dinner jacket is only appropriate for events in the tropics or at resorts (or at least in summer weather) and should never be worn in London. A dinner jacket should only be worn in the evening, so if your fancy premiere is during the day you should wear a suit.

Read more about how to wear black tie like James Bond.

Your Local Cinema

It has been six years (properly, less than one month short of six years) since the last Bond film was released, which is second to the almost-six-and-a-half-year gap between Licence to Kill and GoldenEye. The release of No Time to Die is a particularly celebratory event that calls for wearing something celebratory. For many people, seeing a Bond film for the first time on its opening night at the cinema warrants black tie.

While it may not be something that people usually wear to their local cinema, you can wear black tie for any celebratory occasion you want. Cinemas do not have dress codes, so going to see a Bond film can be a black tie affair if you want it to be. Some people may think it’s costume to visit your local cinema in a dinner jacket, but I think it’s only costume if you’re wearing a form of black tie that’s inappropriate for the locale, like wearing an ivory dinner jacket in London.

You could also think about what Bond might wear to his local cinema. He probably wouldn’t wear a dinner jacket, but if he’s on a date he might wear a suit or sports coat. If he’s out with his friends, Daniel Craig’s Bond might wear something as casual as t-shirt and jacket, like the grey t-shirt and brown Armani leather jacket in Casino Royale or the white t-shirt and tan Rogue Territory waxed jacket in No Time to Die.

This look from No Time to Die would be perfect for wearing to the cinema.

For non-sartorial people, a Bond-themed graphic t-shirt is just as celebratory as a dinner jacket. It’s not something James Bond would wear, but fans don’t have to dress like James Bond. If you’re not attending a premiere event, which the vast majority of people will not, a t-shirt is perfectly appropriate to wear to the cinema.

At Home

Some people are choosing for health reasons during the Covid-19 pandemic to not go out to see No Time To Die in the cinema and are waiting until they ‘can watch it all on TV,’ as Blofeld would say. There are no immediate plans for a No Time to Die home release, but home releases have been coming much more quickly after cinematic releases than they did a few decades ago. If Spectre‘s home release is anything to go by, the wait is likely to be less than four months.

For those who are waiting to watch No Time to Die at home, you can watch it in a dinner jacket, which was originally a garment to wear for dinner at home. A velvet dinner jacket like what Bond wears in Diamonds Are Forever would be a special garment for the occasion. If you’re watching it after a day at the office, you could wear a deconstructed work outfit like Bond’s open-neck shirt and loosened tie like he wears for watching M’s video on his home television in Spectre. Roger Moore’s Bond would likely watch it in his dressing gown at home.


  1. I’ll probably be in my Anthony Sinclair’s, watch, and sleep a good night rest in it, like how it should be!

    LOL! Not the first time.

  2. The dinner jacket would be overdressing for my local French cinema. And I have the opportunity to wear it the weekend before for a black tie event. It will surely be a 2-button Prince-of-Wales MTM suit, a white or blue shirt with cocktail cuffs, a navy grenadine tie, tie-bar, white linen pocket square from Turnbull & Asser and black boots. And my old Seamaster 300.

  3. Last year I bought a suit which looks like this one:

    It’s a bespoke suit and I varied it a little by choosing a linen/silk blend rather than corduroy. I matched many of the details from your excellent article and site. I also have a shirt in the same colour. I inaugurated the suit at a friend’s wedding last year and I get plenty of comments every time I wear it.
    Some friends and I are going to watch the film on the 30th straight after work and I plan to wear the suit at work and go straight to the cinema.

    Your tips, descriptions and eye for detail are what make some of our sartorial worlds go round Matt :-)

  4. We’re 16 friends going to the opening night in a newly renovated Art Deco theatre called Capitol in Stockholm, all wearing black tie! We’ll be enjoying a Dry Martini in a local menswear shop called Tweed – Gentleman’s Clothier, before the film.

  5. It’s just me and a few of my friends going opening night on October 8th in the Midwest I will probably be wearing a combo different bond inspired elements for my outfit but not a black tie event with pizza before hand.

  6. I am still torn between wearing a dinner jacket (that I haven’t worn now in three years) or take the more subtle approach and wear a well cut suit. I am fortunate to have three Anthony Sinclair suits from Mason & Sons, although one is flannel and may be too warm for this particular October in London, which is a shame as it’s by far my favourite. Choices, choices… Any thoughts gratefully received! Love your work Matt, and just finished the book too which was fantastic.

  7. I keep hearing that with the lockdowns, everyone’s dressing more like they’re at home. I say we lean into that, go to the cinema wearing a velvet smoking jacket, open collar shirt with a day cravat or silk scarf, and velvet Albert slippers.

    So pretty much like M in OHMSS.

  8. Smell of buttery popcorn and nacho cheese in the air, sticky dried up soda and coffee spilled on floor, people whose clothes smells like burnt weed and cigarettes, there is no way I’d dress up to watch a movie in my local movie theatre.

  9. I have managed to rent a screening room for a private viewing. My wardrobe will be suit and tie. Now the big question is two or three piece suit.

    The advantage of a private screening is that I have some control. I can see the movie assured that all my fellow viewers are vaccinated and I can avoid the push of a crowd. That can be fun, but not in a time of Covid. Also, the theater has a proper bar, so we can meet for drinks in advance. The showing is during the evening of Oct. 7, so this has the feeling of my own private premiere. I have asked my guests to dress in the spirit of the occasion, but I do not have high hopes. I blame it on The times we live.

  10. I have decided that I am not wearing my black dinner jacket or a suit. But I still have not decided what I will wear. I could wear the RGT jacket, white Sunspel t shirt, jeans, and snuff suede Chukka boots. Maybe the Tommy Bahama outfit with the correct shirt and shoes and grey Levi’s button fly jeans. I have been leaning towards maybe wearing the N. Peal NTTD commando sweater, the Rag and Bone henley, jeans, and the snuff suede Chukka boots. Weather may play a part in what I choose. I just can’t decide.

  11. If I were fortunate enough to be invited at the premiere I’d opt for a low key attire. Probably my navy Prince of Wales suit, a blue shirt with Dr No cuffs and a plain navy tie.
    I’m writing this by watching live on BBC the London premiere of No Time to Die. Gorgeous moment….I’d like to share this moment on the spot….Anyway I must confess some reservations over Daniel Craig’s dinner jacket…Not his best choice
    I can’t wait to see the movie, in France not before Oct. 6.

  12. I have managed to reserve a private screening room and have invited several Bond friends. This has the advantage of letting me control the environment. Vaccinated people only. I plan to wear a suit and have invited others to do the same in the spirit of the occasion. But we live in informal times, so I am not holding my breath.

    What I won’t wear is a red/pink velvet dinner jacket. That look did not work for me. I look forward to your review.

  13. Well, Daniel Craig, in a change from looking like a nightclub bouncer whose suits have shrunk in the wash, opted to preen around at the premiere dressed like one of the judges at a ballroom dancing competition in Blackpool. Sean and Roger must be rolling in their graves. A few years back, Tarantino was said to be interested in filming one of the Fleming books, set in the period it was written with an authentically sweary Book Bond and all the rest. THAT would have been interesting. Otherwise, in the name of all male Gods, would somebody please make it stop!

  14. I’m planning on making it a date night with my wife. We have a theater that is also a restaurant. I have a black polo, Glen plaid trousers, navy topcoat, and black dress chukkas similar to the outfit from CR. One of my favorite outfits I may wear something like that.

  15. The weather should be pleasant so probably a navy suit, white shirt, and a navy tie. I’ll probably be attending the local theater in Brooklyn but if I happen to go into Manhattan I might switch it up.

  16. Went to the premiere in Amsterdam yesterday. Which was a black tie event (of course) so I wore my dinner jacket (of course).

    For a normal screening at my local cinema, I wouldn’t dress up necessarily. At least not more than a usual evening out would warrant.

  17. On a second thought after seeing the pink velvet jacket, I may go creative with black tie with my old plum velvet SB jacket…

  18. I went to a champagne screening yesterday in Belsize Park, north London. Not the premiere, but the first night for the general release of NTTD. We were encouraged to dress up and I was worried about the cosplay thing, so I wore a British 3-piece suit in navy windowpane by Mark Powell of Soho. It’s super English, but is a little too “creative industry” for the more traditional Bond. I initially had a Mason & Sons blue shirt with the cocktail cuffs underneath, but swapped it for a Mark Powell pink shirt with double cuffs before I left as there was just too much blue. I didn’t wear a tie in the style that Daniel Craig often wears in real life, but I did have a pocket handkerchief (rare for me) and suede ankle-length Chelsea boots by Paul Smith.

    There were far more dinner suits at the cinema than I expected, but their styles and quality were really all over the place. In general, the vast majority of the audience were dressed really well.

  19. Late to the convo here, but for a suburban opening weekend, I’m aiming for a look inspired by the Venice finale*: long-sleeved blue rugby/polo, grey tee, and dark jeans.

    My feeling is, it’s versatile, subtle in its references, will keep me warm in the theater, and my wife won’t politely giggle too much at my homage! ;)

    *I’ve discovered this was apparently also a polarizing look, going back to the original comments from back in the day!

  20. I went and saw NTTD wearing a khaki green Lacoste polo shirt, brown tropical wool trousers with a brown belt and leather chelsea boots.


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